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02 May 2018

Hello! Noticed anything new?

Yes! krissyfied.com has a new look!

I was feeling sick of my old layout to the point I didn't really feel like writing new posts, hence the change.

Of course I also got back to work after my two month-break and it took a while before I adjusted to the crazy daily grind again.

But yes, I am back to being a PR girl.

I can't really announce anything yet because our employers have yet to make an official announcement, but there have been a lot of changes lately. It's a pretty big deal, though, and we even got a new office and all. My officemates transferred while I was on vacation, and so a new desk was waiting for me when I got back last week.

A new work desk means redecorating, and I am excited for the possibilities! I don't have anywhere to put a cork-board, though, but I love having a new permanent desk and a lot of new space.

Last Sunday, Alex asked me to get her plants from Market! Market! and I couldn't resist getting a plant for myself.

I think I'll name her Sinta. ♥ 

Avengers Infinity War also opened and as expected, broke blockbuster records last week.

I got to watch it twice: the first was on opening night thanks to Angel of When in Manila, and the second was on Friday thanks to our company's President and Chief Creative Officer. How generous. ♥ J and I were supposed to watch it again on IMAX last Saturday as we bought the tickets two weeks ago but we just gave them to his parents. Might as well, as both screenings left me feeling stunned and pretty drained. I can't wait for the next one!

Regular posts will resume. Thank you very much for dropping by and showing some love!

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