Stepping into my comfort zone

10 May 2018

A string of bad decisions led me to an unhealthy relationship when I was younger. It was controlling, manipulative, and toxic. It affected me deeply, made me terribly insecure, and blew my self-esteem to smithereens. The worst thing is, I knew it was bad for me but I couldn't turn away. I punished myself by believing I deserved being in that position as karma for pushing a good relationship away and choosing someone who cheated on me on multiple occasions.

I didn't know why it took me so long to wake up, and then I realized that it had to hurt enough. It was a dark period in my life that I am glad I have already gotten over. I still get bad days when I doubt myself and let my insecurities get the better of me, but I have learned to discern, take a step back, and put things into perspective.

Right now I am in a relationship with someone who considers me a partner in every way, I am working in a nice office with officemates I enjoy working with, and I have a close-knit family and a small but dependable circle of friends I can rely on.

I am living my best life.

There is no point in rehashing past pains so I rarely think about this but I was reminded of how far I have come when I went to Avon's Step Into Your Comfort Zone event on my second day back to work. During the event, Avon Fashions turned the spotlight on five inspiring Filipinas who have boldly defined their own success and found purpose in their cause.

Filipina supermodel and actress Wilma Doesnt tells all about breaking the mestiza stereotype, finding her own niche in modeling, and how she inspires women to live life despite the judgment they might face. Actress Alice Dixson defines “living life in your own terms,” as she shares her thoughts on defining her own pace and the importance of staying in your element. Host Tricia Centenera talks about bouncing back from a failed marriage and how she was able to create a new and fulfilling life for herself after. Weightlifter and Olympic Silver Medalist Hidilyn Diaz shares the struggles of being a woman in her sport and the hindrances she faced before achieving glory. Finally, actress and single mom Jennylyn Mercado candidly speaks about the hardships of raising a child alone and finding comfort in taking on multiple roles in life. She believes that all women deserve to enjoy who they truly are, because no one else can define that for them.

This advocacy really appealed to me because it acknowledges that women today are making great strides and breaking free from outdated gender roles. In this world where women are expected to have it all—a job she excels at, an Instagram-worthy home, a husband and kids—it can be incredibly frustrating to cope with the pressure to conform. Avon Fashions' Step Into Your Comfort Zone disrupts the meaning of “comfort zone” from being one’s safe place and redefines it as the place where every woman’s true passions and purpose begin. Avon does this in the best way it knows how: provide women with the stylish comfort they deserve so they can easily focus on the things that truly matter.

I received a box that contains some pieces from their expansive range of intimate apparel. I loved it because it contained something for every purpose: wired, non-wired, nude, T-shirt, bold, printed, plain, and for when I'm feeling sexy. I have several Avon bras in my underwear drawer but more additions are always appreciated.

Avon says that each bra is designed with the Filipina body in mind, ensuring that it fits her body not just flawlessly but comfortably. Here is a rundown.

Charlotte Underwire Brassiere
This is made with microfiber fabric. I like the floral theme and the gray and pink color combination.
Eliza Underwire Moulded T-shirt Brassiere
Made of shiny microfiber and features a two-tone lace accent on bottom panels. With built-in cookies.
Very sexy.
Feather Underwire Lightweight Brassiere
This moulded bra made with breathable spacer foam feels light amd airy but offers underwire support.
Features a removable lace back with an extra strap. 
Hillary Underwire Brassiere
The lacy accents add a seductive and sophisticated touch to your intimates.
Also, you can never go wrong in black.
Larina Non-wire Soft Cup Brassiere
Features 3/4 cup in printed cotton fabric on raspberry bottom band, top cup, and peek-a-boo binding.
I love that it looks like a bikini top. I actually have the matching panty, yay!
Lynette Underwire Balcony Brassiere
I love balcony brassieres because they enhance the cleavage, hee.
I love the lace details and that it comes in a sexy color, too.
Mariah Underwire Memory Foam T-shirt Brassiere
I love T-shirt bras because they're seamless and perfect for, well, shirts. This one has memory foam cups that mould to your shape and return to their original form after washing.
Miranda Underwire Moulded Bra
This one has perforated cups made of nylon spandex microfiber and breathable lining and has a double-lined back that looks seam-free.
I also love the floral details, it's like a secret that only you know about.
Salma Non-wire T-shirt Brassiere
Simple, non-fussy, perfect for lazy days.
Willow Underwire Breathable Brassiere
3/4 cup bra in microfiber with mesh that allows air flow to keep you feeling fresh and cool all day.
As you can see, Avon's finished creations undergo rigorous testing to make sure that it can keep up with even the most demanding of lifestyles. Out of all these, the Willow Underwire Breathable Brassiere is my favorite and I will be buying more. Wearing a bra that is as comfortable as this lets me go through my day not fussing about ill-fitting bands or falling straps. You can find your perfect fit and shop for bras online or by looking for your neighborhood Avon lady.

With Avon declaring we can step into our comfort zone, we are encouraged to live an authentic life and to do that, we must be courageous to be true to ourselves first. I am so inspired by Avon's message of empowering women and I believe my actions and my voice make a difference. I am not bound by my past. I am stepping into my comfort zone and living my best life.

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