The last Currently. Probably.

30 May 2018

My domain is up for renewal next month and I have half a mind to not renew it anymore. This is the longest I have stayed with a domain (10 years. Wow. I feel ancient.) but I had been blogging on different platforms long before this.

I started this blog mostly to share my shopping hauls, book and movie reviews, and the occasional personal anecdotes. Have you been here since that major heartbreak circa 2010-2012? Ugh. Thank you and I applaud you for staying. It was the biggest proof that I treated this blog like a diary that is open for everyone to see. 

Work, social life, taking care of my relationship, and commuting to and from work eat up my time these days and I know I sound like I am complaining but I'm really not. I have always found joy in writing and I am happy that this blog gives me the avenue to do that and more. 

Through this blog, I met a lot of people who have become friends in real life. Friends from here and abroad whom I have had the pleasure to meet in person are proof that you can have friends anywhere. also paved the way for my rewarding career in Public Relations, because if not for this blog I wouldn't have met my bosses Celine and Jenny who trusted I could do this. Almost six years in and I still could not believe I'm doing this, and I really can't imagine myself doing anything else.

Aside from numerous perks like getting invited to events and trying different products before they're even released to the public, blogging also gave me the opportunity to earn. My day job still pays the bills and puts food on the table but extra spending monies is appreciated. Nonetheless, rest assured I hold myself and my blog to a high standard and integrity is always prioritized. Always.

Last year was probably my blog's lowest point, when I managed to write only 70 posts. It has been experiencing a steady decline over the years but I feel 70 is too few. I felt sad about the memories I didn't get to document, and felt bad for the brands who have been sending me stuff and inviting me to events that I didn't get to feature.

I started my Currently posts to pressure myself into producing content for this blog because I thought once I get the hang of it again, I would take better care to not lose my momentum. I think I succeeded in doing that, for a while. These days, when another Wednesday rolls around, I sigh and curse myself for starting this in the first place. I skipped twice or thrice because I don't know, I felt lazy, but I would feel bad after and curse myself some more. I've always believed posting nothing is better than publishing a half-assed blog post, but it felt like most of my previous weekly updates were written halfheartedly because I was forced into writing it, all to adhere to a schedule I have set myself.

I refuse to be forced into writing and I refuse to not find joy in the best hobby I have had. Thus, this will probably be my last Currently post for now.

I still have a ton of posts in my drafts and photos ready to accompany each, but I guess they would have to take the backseat for now. I just need to find my footing first.

Don't miss me when I'm gone.

See you again soon.

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