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31 May 2018

We can finally announce the great news: MullenLowe Group Philippines has acquired the operations of ARC Public Relations to create a new entity, MullenLowe MARC!

This happened while I was on break from work following my operation, so everything was new to me when I went back—new office (with a fully functioning bar), new email address, new work desk, new work email address!

We even have a new official group photo.

Here is the official announcement from the MullenLowe Philippines website:
MullenLowe Group Philippines has acquired the operations of ARC Public Relations, an agency founded by Celine Gabriel-Lim and Jenny Yrasuegui to create a new entity, MullenLowe MARC.
MullenLowe MARC brings full-fledged PR capabilities to MullenLowe Group in one swoop. Gabriel-Lim and Yrasuegui continue in their roles as co-managing directors.
With clients in technology, beauty, fashion, and other sectors, MullenLowe MARC places a premium on integrity, originality, and successful stakeholder relationships. Crafting narratives that resonate with the public, based on empathy with the brand’s vision and goals, lies at the core of MullenLowe MARC.
“We collaborate with bloggers, influencers, celebrities, designers, and other creatives on a daily basis. Becoming a part of MullenLowe Group is, in a way, the ultimate collaboration,” says Gabriel-Lim.
“We’ve been around for eight years, and we’ve gained a reputation for creativity at multiple touchpoints – from the events we craft, to the kits we design. Stakeholders often approach us for thoughtful campaigns, and for the freedom to allow stories to develop organically,” adds Yrasuegui.
The creation of MullenLowe MARC is the latest step towards MullenLowe Group’s hyperbundled offering – collaborating within an ecosystem of specialists – in key markets. In the Philippines, the MullenLowe Group network includes MullenLowe (integrated communications), MullenLowe Open (activation and experiential marketing), Tentacles (in-house production), and now, MullenLowe MARC (public relations).
For media contacts who have been wondering why I started using a new work email address since I got back from my work hiatus, this is why.

Back in 2012, this blog led me to meet Celine and Jenny after I got invited to ARC's events. I was working in the BPO industry then, with a 6am to 3pm shift that gave me a lot of time for my hobbies and other pursuits. When the prospect of working in PR came, I felt in my bones that I HAD to do it, because I felt I owed it to myself to practice what I studied in college. I left my comfort zone and jumped ship. I was the shy girl who didn't want to talk to people, but in PR you have to roll with the punches. From being a Social Media girl, I got promoted a number of times until I got my current position.

If you think PR is all about glitz and glamour, you couldn't be more wrong. PR entails a lot of hard work, stress, and long hours (sometimes, even tears). Sometimes I wonder why I still do it. I have been tempted to quit several times, but I guess I really can't imagine myself doing anything else.

Over the years I have learned a LOT of things like grit and tenacity but the most important would probably be to be able to think on my feet and be graceful while doing it. Being part of MullenLowe Philippines is a GIANT step, and I am so excited to learn from Leigh and the rest of the team.

We are the newest #Mullennials and we are more than ready to roll with the punches.


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