{2018} Currently Vol. 16

18 April 2018

Remember the lavender grow kit my boyfriend J gave me almost a month ago? I followed every instruction to the letter but unfortunately none of the seeds germinated because they, together with most of the soil, got displaced by rainwater. Fortunately, there were a lot of seeds and I was careful about crowding them too much, as advised by the instructions, so I put the rest in another pot with an almost dying plant. 

It's the lavender that could. ♡ 
It's such a beautiful sight and I was so encouraged that I got another grow kit again when we dropped by ACE Hardware in SM Aura after church service last Sunday!

There were a lot of grow kits to choose from (there was even a bigger version of my lavender grow kit, plus other plants from the same brand!) but I ended up choosing this Italian Parsley set:

Not only is this kit cheaper, it also includes fertilizer, plus the pot has drainage and a saucer! I planted it today and I'm crossing my fingers that it also grows so I won't feel bad about getting the other kits, too!

Anyway, hello, I missed blogging! I've been too wrapped up in thinking about how it's the last week of my long break from work that I realized I'm spending too much time in wallowing when I am better off doing more fun stuff to make the most out of my vacation!

So yes, I will go back to work on Monday, and this is my last Currently post before things get crazy again!



Sophie Kinsella's My Not So Perfect Life on Nova, my Kindle Paperwhite that I love so much! It's so much more fun to read at night now without needing a book light or use my phone's flashlight under the covers!


Destiny's Child because did you see Beyoncé's explosive performance at Coachella? Wowza!


The perfume that J's Mom gave me. Thanks, Tita Judy! ♡


Pajamas. I'm ready for bedtime!


J and I watched A Quiet Place and I have so many unanswered questions, but it was really a great movie that I don't want to see again because I got too stressed, heh.


Anxious. I've been feeling divided these past few weeks, and time to decide is running out.


My friends!

My barkada from high school had a mini get together yesterday to celebrate Dianne's and Jer's going home. It's Jer's wedding next week and I deeply regret not being able to go because it's the week I'm going back to work and there's also a huge event happening that day. :(


I wish there's a way of knowing for certain what the outcomes of some decisions will be so I can choose better. Oh well.

Thank you for reading. ♡

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