Kitten Diary Dollhouse

21 April 2018

Since we're on the subject of tiny houses, I'd like to share the finished product of the Kitten Diary dollhouse DIY kit that my sister and I worked on.

I ordered this after my operation and received it after about three weeks.

When you purchase this, you'll get a DIY kit including all the materials you need to build this dollhouse shown in the photo on the box.

When I say all materials, it means all materials including the glue, wood, fabric, and glass cover. You'll need to provide your own scissors and battery, though.

I wish I took more photos but I was too busy gluing pieces of furniture together, heh. I worked on the wallpapers, flooring, and all the furniture while my sister worked on everything else.

Everything had to be either cut out and glued together, or both, and it was quite challenging because the instructions are all in Chinese! I'm thanking technology for the camera function of Google Translate that made things easier for us!

And finally, here are more photos of the output!

I wish we took more photos before my sister put the glass cover on but I guess these will do.

They're looking really darling now, but wait until you see it with the lights on. That's when the magic happens.

Voila! The lights are working! Now it looks like a perfect spot to relax in especially when it rains outside.

Look at those itsy-bitsy books! And those adorable plants! And the very cozy swing and sofa and throw pillows! And that darling kitten!

The book on the swing and the slippers are a really nice touch because it makes the dollhouse look lived in and warm and inviting. It’s such a cozy room and if only I were small enough I could stay in here forever.

None of my dolls can fit here and that's okay. I think it looks better this way anyway.

It was truly an exercise in creativity and determination to go on despite the seemingly impossible task (there's just so many parts!) My sister and I enjoyed building this kit and I'm already looking for our next shared project! ♡ 

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