08 April 2018

Is there a magical switch that automatically turns things around for you when you turn a year older? Because I don't know why, but I feel a lot more comfortable in my skin and secure about myself now that I'm 32. I don't want to question the Universe, but I feel happier.

Or maybe I'm still feeling birthday bliss.

Whatever it is, I feel that this is one of my best birthdays ever!

After my mini pre-birthday celebration in Cuba Libre last Wednesday, I celebrated my birthday learning how to weave my own purse at the Rags2Riches HQ.

I have been wanting to go to one of their Weaving Workshops for so long but I had never gotten the chance because it's only available on Fridays and I couldn't skip work. Now, since I'm still on my long break from work, I figured it was the perfect time. And since it's my birthday, I decided to invite friends whom I thought will appreciate the experience as well.

I appreciated the brand even more after Ate Cynthia discussed the history of Rags2Riches and its advocacy to us. I am more than happy to support a brand that is locally-made, sustainable, and takes care of its community of artisans. ♡ 

With my guests and friends Chelsea, Noelle, Ana, Ava, Paul, and my boyfriend J
The process is a little bit harder than it looks, mostly because you have to make sure that you use equal amount of tension when weaving so your finished product won't look wonky.

Paul had to leave early, but TA-DA! Here are the purses we made!

Best boyfriend ever ♡ 
Aside from the Weaving Workshop, we also got a tour around the HQ and saw some of the Rags2Riches artisans working on the bags we love.

I really wanted to get this but I already spent so much on dolls and we have an out-of-town trip coming up.
Putting this on my wish list!
My first ever friends in the local blogging community.
I love these two so much!
Group photo with Ate Cynthia
After the Weaving Workshop, Noelle treated J and Chelsea (they're cousins) and me to dinner at Locavore, capped off with buy 1-take 1 on Calamanjitos.

This was definitely one of, if not THE best birthday ever, in close competition to that time my friend Ed threw me an Amazing Race/ surprise party in TriNoma where he put clues in strategic places all around the mall! Also in the running, of course, is my How I Met Your Mother-themed birthday party.

Aaaand the gifts! I am so thankful for my friends and their thoughtful gifts and letters!

Donya hat from Ruth
Barbie knick-knacks from Ava
Origami from Alex
Gift explosion from Jean, Hannah, and Mich
Each item has an explanation behind it!
Doll and other K-beauty products (not in photo) from Ana
Bata shoes from Paul
AND! A Kindle Paperwhite from My Love
It was wrapped in six different wrapping papers and boxes, you should have seen how confused I looked finding another box inside another box inside another box and so on HAHA! I love my five year old Kindle but I love the idea of no more squinting/ reading with my phone’s flashlight on in the dark more!
I named her Nova.
Yesterday, we went to the mall to shop a bit for our out-of-town trip. I trooped to Benefit to avail the free brow wax service since it's my birth-month...

... and the SA Aireen is so nice and helpful and knowledgeable on what she does, that I ended up buying everything she used on me. To be fair, I was the one who first asked her about the products, and she showed me tips and tricks on how to use each one.

Benefit Date Night with Mr. Right kit and Benefit Ka-Brow! in shade number 5

Happy 32nd birthday to me! 

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