My Cuba Libre Pre-birthday Party

05 April 2018

My birthday won't be until tomorrow but celebrations started early, jump-started with a mini party thrown for me by Cuba Libre care of Sabina!

It was the most colorful and fun and deliciosa birthday salubong ever!

I can't believe I'm turning 32 tomorrow but like I said, I think I'm done being 31.

*Goes on to research more about anti-aging products*

Anyway. We used to just pass by this area in Serendra when it was still boarded up and I am so happy it's now open because man, everything is delicious!

According to this Spot.PH article, owner Charlie Paw said locals in Cuba are not allowed to put up signages for their restaurant, thus the explosion of color in the walls - to entice visitors!

Now if the interiors don't entice you, the food definitely will!

You order cantina-style. Choose one main, one staple (or two half staples), and one side. Cocktails are also on the menu, led by the restaurant's namesake Cuba Libre.

I had the 2-pc Cuban Fried Chicken (but my boyfriend J got a piece), half Arroz Amarillo (Yellow Rice), half Arroz Blanco (White Oregano Rice, my favorite!), and Croquetas de Malanga (Taro and Pumpkin Fritters). My plate also shows one extra piece of Creole Meatball from J, heh.

Their Flan de Cafe Cubano (Espresso Coffee Leche Flan) is life-changing. Seriously.

I also had a Mojito de Piña (Pineapple Mojito). Looking forward to trying the Limonada con Yerbabuena (Minted Lemonade) next time!

My gal Sabina. Thank you SOOO MUCH for throwing me this party!

I honestly felt the jitters hours before the party because I felt like I haven't been out and about in so long! Still, it was so nice to be surrounded by my close friends in this special day and not have to worry about anything because it wasn't a work event!

It also felt good to be surrounded by my dolls (who had a mini party of their own HAHA)!

Thank you for making time Paul, Ana, Ava, and Ruth! I really appreciate it!

My workaholic friends having a work meeting before the festivities.

Festivities! My beautiful friends/ officemates Jean, Alex, Michelle, and Hannah and our mini-mes!

Such a fun day I wouldn't have had any other way.

Thank you, Cuba Libre! And thank you, eveyone, for your presence in my life and my mini party, and for your thoughtful gifts! My heart and belly are bursting at the seams. ♡

I'm ready for you, 32!

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