Polly Pocket Bay Window House

20 April 2018

I did say I will share more photos of my newly acquired vintage Polly Pocket Bay Window House, so here it is. ♡

This is my favorite find from the National Swap Meet 2, mostly because I didn't think I will ever have one again. Genalyn of Little Miss Polyholic's Corner, the seller, has a lot of other houses and compacts for sale but I liked this one the most. Well, I originally wanted the Wedding Chapel as I had one of those when I was a kid but I didn't end up getting it because it doesn't have the other dolls anymore aside from the groom. Nonetheless I'm very happy with what I ended up choosing.

So how about a tour and a wave of darling nostalgia?

The Polly Pocket Bay Window House was released in 1993 (I was in first grade then). It's a pink two-story house with blue roof, bay windows, chimney, and a pink picket fence enclosed yard with a palm tree and a pond.

Dimensions are 4.5" x 4.25" x 3.25".

Like other Polly Pocket houses and compacts, it swings open to reveal what's inside.

The first floor features an entry area with the bay window table laden with party food, a kitchen, a guest bathroom, and stairs leading to the second floor. The doors also swing open.

The second floor features a party room with stereo, TV, phone, and window seat, and a dressing room with a door that swings opens to reveal a closet.

There's another compartment you can open which reveals an attic with a bedroom and a bathroom. What a cute room!

What I've always loved about Polly Pockets is the attention to detail that adds a lot more charm to the toy. Check out this cat chillin' on the roof. How adorable.

Since it's a vintage toy, I didn't really expect it to include any dolls anymore, but I'm so glad it does contain one of the four dolls it originally came with! Polly is shown here with wavy blond hair, purple dress with gold collar and cuffs, gold hair band, and gold shoes. All four original dolls look like they're dressed for a party, but even without them I think the Bay Window House still stands as a nice house for a strong, independent woman like Polly, and that's actually why I got it.

Genalyn said the lights are still working but I haven't gotten around to testing it yet.

I am so happy with my new old toy, but I'm hoping this doesn't jump-start another collection again as each of these vintage Polly Pocket houses and compacts cost a small fortune!

BRB convincing myself to stop looking for more Polly Pockets to purchase. ♡

(I think I need the Aladdin Playcase, Aladdin Agrabah Marketplace, and OMG, JASMINE'S ROYAL PALACE in my life, though!)

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