24 months at the 12th day of the 6th month of the year

13 June 2017

Hello, world wide web! Jumping off from my last post, I would like to say I am alive and well. I started taking medication yesterday and I'm positive the steps I have been taking to make sure the myomas will shrink will work.

Thank you very much for your support and prayers.

Another big event happened, and I got a PANDORA charm to commemorate the occasion. It's doubly special, because it was a gift. Jeremiah and I celebrated our second anniversary yesterday, and he gifted me with a Vintage K Charm.

It's beautiful. ♥

More than the gift, I am so happy we got to spend the day doing things we love.

We had lunch at Café Lidia with his parents and his sister Chelsea, and then went to different places after. Our first stop was the Book Museum cum Ethnology Center.

It's owned by Atty. Dominador Buhain and the main building, the Book Museum, houses his personal collection of books from the 270+ countries he has visited.

There were a LOT of books and several caught my fancy.

These are all miniature books!
This mini book of Midsummer Night's Dream is just one of an entire mini bookshelf of mini books containing the complete texts of William Shakespeare's works
It's a petite Le Petit Prince containing the complete version and original art! I wanted to bring this home.
10th Anniversary Edition of The Little Prince
The smallest tablet in the world, magnified
One of the smallest books in the world, made using the traditional printing press. It contains Our Lord's Prayer translated in seven languages!
Meanwhile, the other two buildings house artifacts from the Northern and Southern parts of the Philippines.

We had fun deciphering the difference of both design and function of the artifacts depending on the regions they belong to, and the influences that contributed to it. Our nerdy hearts were so happy!

We were the only ones there so we were given a private tour by Lexa, and we really enjoyed how engaging and enthusiastic she was. When asked whether we were both book lovers, I replied that Jeremiah just tolerates me. Hee.

Kidding. He understands my need to get excited at things like this. ♥

Mr. Roll-Eyes McRollins
Our tour of the three buildings ended at around 3:30 and our dinner reservation was still at 7:00 in the evening so we decided to while away the time at his favorite toy haunt: Greenhills. I was the one who ended up shopping, though. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The sun hasn't set when we got to Cubao Expo so we used the time to go around the shops selling vintage clothes and other knick-knacks.

He got a watermelon plushie for me that I ABSOLUTELY ADORE!

Look at that face!
*heart eyes emoji*
And then he treated me to a delicious and romantic dinner at Bellini's. I love Italian food so it was perfect. He's perfect.

I mean, he's not perfect, I am far from being perfect, and our relationship is not perfect, but we fit together like a complete jigsaw puzzle.

Imagine being stranded in traffic for hours while raining. In Manila. Imagine how relieved you are to be finally home, curled up in the sheets, wearing your favorite pajamas. He's that for me. He's home.

He calms my heart and enriches my days. I could use up all the words in my vocabulary and I would still come up short if asked to describe how wonderful the past two years have been.

I can barely remember what my life was like without him in it, and I am truly, wonderfully, utterly blessed and grateful.

Happy 2nd anniversary, Jeremiah. I love you.

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