My Christmas 2017 Wish List

01 December 2017

I feel like I just wrote my first post for 2017 and now, [just] 62 posts later, it's already December.


As per a tradition I started years ago, here's my Christmas wish list in case Santa's feeling generous. Also known as a cheat sheet for my boyfriend, heh. (^_−)☆ It's not much, and as compared to my previous wish lists they're filled with more toys than usual. Nevertheless these are the things that will bring me joy and delight come Christmas day.

  • Camera. I'm happy with the quality of my phones (I use an iPhone 6S and a Huawei P9) but a camera will be so much better.
  • Dollhouse and miniatures. I've always been fascinated with dollhouses and I'd like to take a stab at making my own miniatures. Instagram is a treasure trove of inspiration! Check out Lavender Belle and be amazed. The only challenge here is the space to display it in.
  • BECCA X Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette. I've wanted this palette ever since I saw it and the glowing (glowing, get it? heh) reviews further cemented my need to have it. However I made it a point to reduce my makeup purchase this year (I am currently succeeding because I haven't bought any lipsticks yet since this year started!) so I am putting this on my wish list. But who knows, I might just go ahead and allow myself this little indulgence.
  • Teenage Fashion Model Barbie. The Teenage Fashion Model Barbie is an iconic Barbie doll in the sense that it is the very first Barbie doll ever produced and sold, and any doll collector should have one.
  • #TheBarbieLook™ Barbie® Doll – City Chic Style. I have no other justifications on why I want this doll except that I really, really, really like her face and hair and the way she has a journal and a pencil (that fit in her bag!) as accessories. Ugh. (Wish granted December 3, 2017!)
  • Sewing machine. Since I'm collecting dolls, I would also like to try making clothes for them. I [virtually] met a lot of very talented people on the Facebook groups I belong to like Wawie who makes her own Barbie clothes and dioramas. I also bought clothes from her and the quality is very nice! It would be really cool if I can also learn how to make my own. (Wish granted December 13, 2017!)
And that's it. 

How about you, what are the items on your Christmas wish list? 

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