Our Color Me Mine date

07 December 2017

My boyfriend is not the romantic type. He's not the typical rom-com or chick lit hero who's big on grand gestures to display love and affection, and I have to admit it sometimes creates conflict between us because I'm all about the cheese. What he is, though, is he's very supportive of my hobbies and interests. In the less than three years we've been together we've managed to grow crystals, carve stampscreate a kaleidoscope, make resin jewelry, go to two of my dream concerts, bake, visit a couple of my dream museums, explore a country, visit more than a dozen toy and comic book conventions, travel more than a hundred miles to follow my favorite local comic book artist, and set up my own Tamiya. Now, he's the number one supporter of my doll collection. I'd take that over a dozen roses any day.

For our 29th month together, he took me to Color Me Mine in Hobbes & Landes BGC.

I have wanted to try Color Me Mine since I read an article about it in Candy magazine when I was in high school. I actually thought they closed down already so seeing these ceramics at Hobbes & Landes was a pleasant surprise.

J gave me free rein, and I chose a celestial mug.

You can choose any colors you want from their wide selection:

... and I selected colors to create a palette inspired by The Little Prince.

J custom-paints toys himself so he knows his way around brushes.

After less than an hour, we were done!

If you're going there to paint your own, I suggest not holding back with the paints and just layer as much as possible as the ceramic absorbs the paint.

We left my mug with the Color Me Mine staff to glaze and were advised it will be ready in two to three weeks.

Last week, they sent me a message to say my mug was ready, and we got to claim it over the weekend after watching Coco. (Easily my most favorite Disney-Pixar movie! Oh how I ugly-cried while watching it.)

I'm in love with my mug!

JK for Jeremiah-Kristel, the same initials as the ones in my Istorya necklace.

I love my mug, and even though I can see now how we could've painted it better, it doesn't really matter to me because its flaws add to its charm.

My boyfriend gave me the sun, moon, and stars and my coffee tastes so much better now. ♡ 

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