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02 December 2017

Everyone who has known me for several years now know how skinny I was. In 2011, I even wrote this blog post: The skinny on being skinny. I struggled with being underweight the first 30 years of my life and had to field a lot of comments about how thin I was, how I should eat more, how maybe my hair absorbs all the nutrients, how maybe I have multiple parasites, et cetera.

Fast forward to today, metabolism and meds (for my myomas) caught up with me and I "finally" tipped the scale to more than 100lbs. With the weight-gain came a lot of comments about how much weight I have gained, how I should eat less, how I look like I'm pregnant, et cetera. I try to take all these comments in stride and make jokes out of them, but to be honest it can get pretty hurtful, and sometimes these comments do get under my skin.

Last week, to help my myomas, my OB put me on keto diet (high fat, moderate proteins, very low to nil sugar and carbs) and even though I found it difficult to cut carbs and quit sugar at first because I LOVE rice and desserts, I soldiered on through the support of my boyfriend, his Mom, and my Mom. Today, I went back to my OB and found out I lost 4 lbs in six days --- without exercise!

I was put on keto not necessarily to lose weight but to help my myomas, but I feel much stronger and experience less cravings now, thanks to this diet. I was advised not to keep doing it, though, and to introduce carbs again to my diet but to make sure I do it moderately. Discipline is key.

So, yeah, I look like this now and I probably won't get my college body back, and I'm okay with that. I mean, I love putting on tube dresses and having proper support, y'know?

Regarding the comments about my weight, I'm happy that you don't have anything else to worry about. Good for you. :)

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