14 November 2017

I love how this extra long weekend is giving me all the time I need to catch up on much needed zzz's, new comic books, and other hobbies and curiosities.

Dolls, mostly. 

For the uninitiated or those who might be visiting my blog for the first time, hello *waves* I am Krissy, and I'm a 31 year old woman who loves dolls. I used to have a lot of them when I was a kid (my last count was 26 Barbies), but tragedy befell them when a big fire razed through our neighborhood back in 2001. I didn't have the luxury to get new dolls when there were more important things to allot money to, and when I finally did, I just didn't have the heart, energy, nor space to start buying them again. My only doll was a Fashion Fever Barbie that I got from Singapore back in 2005. It lay unopened until yesterday, when I got its clothes because the fingers have deteriorated through time. 

It's my boyfriend who's also a toy collector who inspired me to collect dolls again, and now here we are.

These are the dolls I acquired since August. Heh.

Watching Ever After High on Netflix opened a completely new world for me. I watched reviews, joined Facebook groups, oooh-ed and aaah-ed at people's expansive collections, then regretted that I only recently discovered these beautiful dolls. Madeline Hatter is my favorite character, and I was so inspired that I even made an Instagram account (@madelinexhatter) under her name! You can read the story here. However, since my humble collection now includes dolls from other lines as well, I decided to reboot this Instagram account and make it more inclusive.

It took me a while before I came up with a suitable name, and here it is. Dollireum. I wanted to choose dollirium at first but it was already taken. Drats. Oh well, I like dollireum also, anyway, because it's a play on the words "doll", "delirium", and "museum".  Dollireum, it is. I hope you can follow this account on Instagram!

Here are closer looks at my current dolls!

Fairy tales and ghoul[s]:
My Extra Tall Madeline Hatter and her dormouse Earl Grey with Forest Pixie Featherly, Darling Charming, Skelita Calaveras, Kitty Cheshire, and regular-sized Madeline Hatter

My first Made to Move Barbie, a gift from J that I named Francine, doing sun salutations early this morning

My Barbies are more fashionable than me
Carolyn, Astrud, and Francine
Carolyn is wearing the outfit I took from my Fashion Fever Barbie, Astrud is wearing the limited edition Teenage Fashion Model dress from the Barbie Loves Plains & Prints collection, and Francine is wearing an outfit by Wawie of Craft 'n Play

This Ever After High Heartstruck Cupid Doll is so pretty I can't find it in my heart to open her yet

I think I'll open her in time for Valentine's Day. What do you think?

So, yeah, those are my dolls. I know they're meager compared to other people's collections but I'm very happy with them. Besides, each of them hold special meanings as to why and/ or how I got them. This is my Dollireum, and I know more will be added in the future. I just hope I have the heart, wisdom, and EQ to curate my collection. ♡ 

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