Meet Barbara Kristy, my Barbie® Classic Camel Coat Doll.

28 December 2017

I never thought this moment would come. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine this was possible. I really didn't think I'll be sitting here, typing these words.


She's the Barbie® Classic Camel Coat Doll. Isn't she a beauty?
For the BFMC’s 2016 “New Classics” Collection, Barbie® wears a camel trench coat with wide lapels and fine details, leopard skin pencil skirt, chic black turtleneck top and tights. Fabulous city-perfect accessories include big sunglasses, golden hoop earrings, black booties, and crossbody handbag. Features the new posable Silkstone® body for endless posing possibilities!
I got her as a Christmas gift from my boyfriend, which makes her doubly special. ♡ And because I want to show her off, here are [a lot] more photos!

The Barbie Fashion Model Collection dolls come in this beautiful classic box with the name of the doll displayed at the bottom part. They're changing it up for the new dolls, displaying the photo of the doll in front. I think I prefer this version more.

I remember how my hands shook while unwrapping this gift on Christmas, hee.
I love how they cover the face and hair with a dainty lace net.
A peek at what's inside her coat: a fuzzy leopard print pencil skirt!
Seriously, I want human-sized version of these boots.
She comes with a pair of shades to keep the glare of the haters away.
Another detail they put special thought into: she's secured into place with ribbons instead of elastics. Not only do these make her look more premium, they're also less constricting and easier to remove and put back.
She is quite heavy because of the material but a fellow doll collector advised me to treat her with special care because she is quite delicate.

And now, out of the box photos because I'm an adult doll collector who believes dolls should not remain inside their boxes forever.

Her hair (golden blond with soft curls), makeup (THAT EYELINER, shimmery shadow, eyebrows, lashes, THOSE RED LIPS), outfit (coat, black turtleneck, leopard pencil skirt, leggings, boots) and accessories (gold hoop earrings, shades, black bag) are ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! Everything is chic and on point!

You can still see the plastic, put there to protect her silkstone body from being stained by the fabric of her clothes.
Red fingertips. Classic.
Faux leather bag with gold hardware ughhh
Her bag comes with three compartments! I can put my doll-sized MacBook and Erin's journal, pencil, and phone here!
I am so amazed at the thought they put into each detail, like the coat's buttons!
Look at that slit at the back of the skirt! 
Heels so thin it should be classified as a weapon.
Isn't she perfect? I mean I love all my dolls but gOSH HERE I AM SPAZZING OUT OVER HER!

By the way, I have decided to name her Barbara Kristy. She is a #girlboss and is never seen in public without lipstick on. The world of PR suits her and her no-nonsense attitude.

Watch out, world!
What do you think of her? Did she capture your heart the way she did mine?

Thanks again for this beautiful gift, J! I will treasure her foreverrr. ♡ 

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