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30 November 2015

The Little Prince movie is showing in cinemas here in Manila this week, and I am so excited!

The trailer is so beautiful that I teared up the first time I saw it. (And, okay, I think I've seen it more than ten times now but my feelings toward it haven't abated.) I just love the book so much and I'm really hoping the movie gives it justice.

My boyfriend and I don't know yet when we would be able to see it as this entire week is packed with other commitments, but I'm crossing my fingers we get to see it as soon as possible. Why is being an adult so hard.

I brought out my The Little Prince Deluxe Pop-up Book from storage over the weekend and got inspired all over again. The results:

I'm still thinking whether I should make them into postcards. What do you think?

I also got myself a The Little Prince Coloring Book today! I never thought I would be lured into the [saturated] world of adult coloring books but it's The Little Prince and how could you ever say no to him?

Dammit, now I need color pencils.

Here is this week's Currently!


I'll finish re-reading Antoine de Saint-Exupery's The Little Prince in time for the movie and then start on The Kobayashi Maru of Love by Carljoe Javier.

A ton of blog backlogs. Huhu.

Also, my Christmas list. Time to start scouting and shopping for gifts!

My Christmas mixtape.

Tomorrow is a fake Monday and we have only four days before the weekend, and then it's HELLO, BU again! I haven't even prepared the stuff I am going to sell yet. Eep! Hope you can drop by World Trade Center for the 10th installment of the Bloggers United Bazaar on December 6!

Happy. Today Miah and I surprised my dear friend Ed by falling in line to get him tickets to Jessie J's concert exclusive to Smart subscribers. He isn't and I am, and I thought it would be a perfect birthday present as he's a big fan.

It was, as we made him cry by the gesture. (It's true, we have a recording as proof.) I'm happy and thankful my boyfriend submits to my whims. Hee.

The smells, the sounds, the colors, the food! Christmas is almost here!

Aside from my Christmas wish list (which is scant enough as it is), I honestly can't think of anything to ask for. My heart is grateful.

See my answer above.

See my answer two questions above.

I'd also like to take this chance to welcome my boss Celine into the blogging world!

I am lucky and blessed to have met a lot of inspiring people in my line of work, and I guess I'm doubly blessed because one of the most empowering women I've come to know turns out to be my boss. Celine is beauty and grace personified, and hearing her stories in the office is always a delight. I am looking forward to reading more and unlocking her secrets of grace under pressure through her blog that launched today. Congratulations, Cel! Cheers to more memories, adventures, and stories!

Aside from one itty-bitty snag, my heart is happy. I hope yours is, too. ♥

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