"There are much worse games to play."

18 November 2015

I saw The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 today and as expected, I left the cinema with a torn heart and wet eyes.


Following immediately after the events that transpired in Mockingjay Part 1, we are taken back to District 13 where they deal with Peeta's hijacking and the rebels continue to attempt to overthrow the Capitol. The Hunger Games arena is no more, but war has begun and there are casualties.

A LOT of casualties.

I appreciate that they did not show too much gore, though. Except for the Sweeney Todd movie, I can't stomach movies and TV shows that seem to derive satisfaction from showing too much blood.

I enjoyed the movie and I commend the whole team for again succeeding in giving us an expanded yet condensed version of the book. Attention was given to every minuscule detail; I was especially amazed by Tigris and the girl in the yellow coat. I re-watched Hunger Games and Catching Fire over the weekend and Mockingjay Part 1 just this morning so everything is still fresh in my mind, and it felt like a one-year break didn't happen. I have also read the last book in the trilogy so I know what was going to happen but that didn't stop me from jumping in surprise at most of the scenes and gripping my armrest for what was coming. I squinted my eyes and steeled myself for every time the moments I was dreading were about to come; too bad you can't press Pause at the movies, huh. Kudos to all the brilliant actors for doing an exceptional job on portraying the characters we have come to root for. Thank you for the goosebumps!

Still, I wish they didn't have to split Mockingjay into two parts.

Don't get me wrong. I recognize that cramming everything in one movie might not have given as much impact as the two films have as more scenes might be removed to ensure an acceptable running time. It's just that through no fault of the movie team, I felt that much of Part 2 was spent on them waking up from various states of unconsciousness and running. What can we do, those are really the things that happened in the book. It's just that it's a heavy movie and I missed the little touches of comic relief that Haymitch or Effie provided in the other adaptations.

I also think the Epilogue could have been done better.

Still, I think that all in all, this quartet is the best book-to-movie adaptations I have ever seen. And I have seen a lot. I'd like to thank everyone who made these movies possible for giving life, pain, power, vulnerability, and fight to these characters.

What a ride. 

Do I dare to say I even prefer this trilogy over the Harry Potter series? *insert shocked face with hands over mouth emoji* Maybe because of the fact it's closer to home, the fact that if we're not careful, Panem can be our reality?

I hope not.

As is my custom of seeing these movies more than once, I'm seeing it again on Saturday. Ease up the goodbye, at least.

Mockingjay Part 2 is not my favorite movie (Part 1 is, while my favorite book is Catching Fire) but I'm still betting on the Girl on Fire.

If you are, too, and you are planning to see the movie soon, I recommend that you join Mod World Production's block screening on November 25, 8 PM in SM Megamall and help feed undernourished children at the same time! Modworld Popcorn Club has partnered with SIFCare—the humanitarian arm of The Science of Identity Foundation—and will be donating part of the proceeds to their GoPalakas feeding program in La Union, Cavite, Antipolo, and Lucena.

I've already joined two of their previous screenings (Jurassic World and my second time of seeing Inside Out) and all viewers went home with loot bags each time. Fun! Buy your tickets here.

Don't forget to bring a handkerchief and/ or someone to hold you while you deal with your feelings brought about by Katniss Everdeen and company.

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