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04 November 2015

Until early this year, I would wonder how some bloggers would say they are too busy to blog and just couldn't find the time to post a new entry or so. I would think, huh, if they really love blogging, then surely they would find time for it? 

This "self-righteousness" bit me in the ass when the last quarter of the year came. I know I'm big on hyperbole and I have a tendency to exaggerate but I swear, I found myself juggling too many things and between my new job responsibilities when I got promoted, my social life, and my individual passionate pursuits I just found it too difficult to spare time to whip up a few words for this website. I would go home late almost every day and in the rare occasion that I get home a little early, I would prefer to just read a book and basically stay away from the computer.

Case in point: this post comes two days late. Tsk. I have a lot of drafted posts, and I'm putting this out there so I would get pressured to work on finishing them ASAP. Heh.

Like I am so excited to tell you about my lavendream hair c/o JuRo Salon Exclusif!
Here is this week's Currently!



Welcome to Night Vale by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor. Miah introduced me to the podcast and I was instantly hooked! It took me a lot of phone calls and effort to get this but it's all worth it because I got the last copy and it was on sale!

A list of things to bring to Boracay. We're going there for a work trip tomorrow and I have already started packing.

Nate Ruess' Spotify Session. He is perfection.

My comfy pajamas. Sleeping shortly after publishing this!

... and disbelieving that Christmas is ALMOST HERE! I really really really need to work on my Christmas list soon.

My kind of Christmas
Frazzled. Still, I make sure to find time for:

Quality time with my family
This is my cousin Gab and his sweet surprise to me when we were at the cemetery last All Saints' Day.
Quality time with my friends
This is The Breakfast Club turned The Dinner Club at our belated birthday surprise for Sheila
Quality time with my boyfriend
I'm sad though because date nights will be lessened significantly because of his work shift
Life. Cheesy but true. I've never been so busy but I've also never felt so alive, heh.

A vacation.

Massages, please.

I have more time in a day just so I can do more and have more time with the people I hold dear.

There you go. I'm hoping I can write more posts this weekend. I'd like to share cool events as well as my planner for 2016, hee.

How about you, how have you been? I hope you're taking care of yourself and taking good care of your heart! ♥

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