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24 August 2015

I was supposed to write a long post after I saw Inside Out twice this weekend (on Friday with Miah, and then on Saturday with my sister Kyla and friend Mich courtesy of Modworld Production Popcorn Club - THANK YOU!), but words have been evading me lately, so instead I'll just scribble a few words here and then hope I can justify the movie more this week. Let it be said that whilst I didn't really appreciate the movie that much when I first saw it, it grew on me and now I think it's one of my top three favorite Disney-Pixar films ever! 

Of the five emotions, Sadness is my favorite. I mean, with her super cute gloomy puppy dog eyes and downtrodden disposition, how could you not pick her?

I am Sadness
in watercolor
She perfectly matches my current disposition as well as I have been feeling a little bit weepy lately.

Here is a list of things that made me cry this week:
  • All the heartbreaking scenes in Inside Out
  • Seeing The Little Prince trailer on the big screen
  • The rollercoaster of emotions featuring Worry about my Dad still being in the hospital, then Jubilance that he is well enough to be released already, and then Sadness plus a sprinkling of Worry again because his release got delayed as we didn't have enough money to pay the hospital bills. It has been sorted out now and he's now here at home, recovering.
  • Pressure from work. This is easy enough to handle, but sometimes when it gets coupled with other things it just gets too much for me.
  • Crippling feelings of self-doubt and the feeling that I am not enough
  • Hearing my officemates say nice things about me earlier today

I think I need a cleanse. If other people do juice cleanse, I cleanse via tearjerker books or movies. I find that unloading feelings through shedding tears is one of the most effective ways to make myself feel and breathe better, so I do this every time I feel my chest getting heavier with pent-up stress and unreleased emotions. My go-to tearjerker used to be The Notebook (both the book and the movie) but now I think I have to update and upgrade my preferred emotion poison.

Here is this week's Currently!


Nothing. My morning commutes are now dedicated to stealing at least half an hour-naps before we get to Makati while my nights are dedicated to other pursuits, like procrastinating for StrangeLit. The only bookish reprieve I got is getting these:

My Archie #1 came from Miah, while I got Archie #2 for myself
We started a mini tradition of reading new issues together ♥
My still-untitled StrangeLit piece.

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Carly Rae Jepsen's Run Away With Me again and again. And again. ♥

Of and bothered by a lot of things. My mind gets too noisy sometimes.

A myriad of emotions brought about by many different things.

To finish ny StrangeLit story soon!

To finish ny StrangeLit story soon! Stop procrastinating, self!

I unlock the secret to writing without procrastinating.

I hope you are all well, my friends! By the way, you might want to join my Shakey's Time giveaway! Go here to know how. That's it. Take care of your hearts. ♥

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