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10 August 2015

The human body is a great miracle. Just imagine that network of veins, organs, blood, bones, and cells all working together so we can perform our day-to-day tasks effectively, even healing and repairing itself when something goes wrong. Amazing, right?

I really need my father's human body to speed up its repair and recovery right now.

He's been in the hospital since Thursday. He has been dealing with stomach pains for at least a week before he decided to go to the doctor, and after a few tests they were not allowed to come home anymore. Appendectomy had to be done stat, but unfortunately his appendix has burst already. Because of this, toxins have already entered the bloodstream. His condition is still being monitored but in the meantime he had to have blood transfusion and would probably go through endoscopy or colonoscopy.

Hospital visits give me excellent fodder for my #StrangeLit story but I am sick with worry. I hope and pray he recovers soon. Your prayers are very much appreciated.



The Philippine Graphic/ Fiction Awards Prose Anthology. For #StrangeLit purposes, you see. *whispers to self as I justify further acquisition of more books than I can hope to finish reading in this lifetime* (⌒_⌒;)

My still-untitled #StrangeLit piece. This watercolor painting I did yesterday was inspired by the story I'm writing. I hope I can finish it before the deadline.

A captured wish
The things that induce my panic attacks. Timehop tells me that I began getting panic attacks around this time last year also. What's with August? I've started meditating again through the Lucent app, and my newly discovered Breathe app. Both are extremely helpful and much recommended.

Of how life is so fragile, and that there's really no way of knowing what lies ahead. What's important is to just make the most out of everything.

Worried because of my Dad, but also nostalgic.

I left HSBC three years ago - still one of the toughest yet best decisions I've ever made.

My current connection with my stream of consciousness. Hope I don't lose it anytime soon, or at least until I finish my #StrangeLit story.

My Dad to recover quickly and come home soon.

My Dad to recover quickly and come home soon.

For my Dad to recover quickly and come home soon. I hope you can pray and wish with me.

Ending this week's Currently with some happy news c/o our friends from Shakey's!

Did you know that as a special promo in connection with their 40th year, Shakey's is offering their world-famous Chicken 'n' Mojos at 40% OFF FOR ALL MONDAYS OF AUGUST?

Since it opened for the first time in the Philippines in 1975, Shakey’s has grown to become a household name and hang out favorite among Filipinos. From their mouth-watering thin crust pizzas to their all-time favorite Chicken ’N’ Mojos, their menu has evolved over the years to cater to eve-ry Guest’s comfort food craving. It is a familiar place that Filipinos can count on for a good meal and a good time.

In celebration of its 40th year, Shakey’s will be rewarding its loyal Guests with the Chicken ’N' Mojos Monday Madness Promo as an Anniversary token exclusive for all SuperCard holders. 
Thanks to Shakey’s, Guests no longer need to dread manic Mondays. From July 27 until August 24, Shakey’s SuperCard holders are entitled to a 40 % off on all Chicken ’N’ Mojos packs, such as the Solo (3pcs), Buddy (5pcs), Family (7pcs), Party (12pcs) and Blowout pack (20pcs). Only available for dine-in transactions, Guests now have another reason to plan their next get-together at the nearest Shakey’s branch.
I have a Shakey's SuperCard and OF COURSE my friends and I had to take advantage of this promo. We went two Mondays ago.

We're a group  of six but we ordered TWO PARTY PACKS
That's how much of Shakey's Chicken 'n' Mojos nuts we are, heh
Good Times and Great Memories
I hope you are all well, my friends! Take care of your hearts - and your health. ♥

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