It's Shakey's Time and I'm giving away Shakey's Monster Meal Deal GCs!

16 August 2015

Ask anyone who knows me in person and they'll all agree when I say I get the craziest cravings. (っ˘ڡ˘ς) There's no logic or rhyme when it comes to the range of food I look for; all I know is that when I look for something, I most absolutely have to have it, lest I go like this:


And so it gives me great joy when my favorite food places make following our cravings a lot more convenient! Case in point: Shakey's has made it easier for us to get our Shakey's fix anytime, anywhere! With the new innovations that my favorite pizza places has cooked up, it's Shakey's Time, All the Time!

What is your favorite food item off Shakey's menu? Is it their mouth-watering Thin Crust Pizzas? Their most loved Chicken 'n' Mojos? Their Pasta? Or their desserts? As for me, give me a basket of Chicken 'n' Mojos, at least three slices of Angus Steakhouse Pizza, their Seafood Marinara Pasta, and a pitcher of their iced tea and I'll be ECSTATIC. It's good to know that I can get hold of these even without going to the nearest Shakey's store. All I have to do is dial 77-777 OR order online thru using a computer or their mobile site OR tap a few buttons on the Shakey's mobile app, free to download from the Play Store and the App Store! Now I'm ready to create Good Times and Great Memories with my food buddies anytime, anywhere!

And because Shakey's is feeling generous especially now that it's on its 40th year, I am holding a fun giveaway where you can win a gift certificate for a Shakey's Monster Meal Deal! Let us how far your creativity will go for the sake of pizza. (^_~)

1. Like and Follow Shakey’s on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
2. Download the Shakey’s Mobile App on your mobile phone so you can have your Shakey’s pizza anytime, anywhere!
3. Follow Krissyfied on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
4. Post a creative photo of yourself on Instagram of where you dream of eating your Shakey’s pizza. Be as original as possible! Upload this photo on Instagram with the hashtags #ShakeysTime and #ShakeysTimeXKrissyfied AND the caption “I dream of eating my Shakey’s at ___________ with ___________.”

Got it? Here are some samples!

I dream of eating my Shakey’s in a space ship while travelling out of space with nothing but the twinkling of stars as company. #ShakeysTime #ShakeysTimeXKrissyfied
I dream of eating my Shakey’s while televised on national and foreign news with a beam of pride in my eyes. #ShakeysTime #ShakeysTimeXKrissyfied
Fun, right? This contest is open for everyone living in the Philippines so go get your creative thinking caps on and upload your photos! I will be choosing the best one on September 6! Good luck!

╰། ❛ ڡ ❛ །╯

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