Review: Vitress Hair Solutions

08 August 2015

Aside from the love and support from my family and truest friends and my love for books and movies, the one thing that remains constant in my life is my love-hate relationship with my hair. I love that it's thick and wavy, but I hate that it's too thick and wavy. Thankfully there are products that make styling it much easier.

My current hair heroes c/o Sample Room: Vitress!
This gift couldn't have come at a better time, really. The worst haircut (and I'm not exaggerating) of my life happened a little more than a month ago: I was between haircuts and I didn't want to shell out extra money for something I deemed to be an "easy job", thus my choice to go to this salon that offers cheaper services. (They did my bangs before and I didn't have a problem with it, anyway.) Snip, snip, snip. After the stylist was done, I looked in the mirror and almost cried. It was so bad. My boyfriend noticed my distress that he directed the stylist to snip a little more, pointing out which spots need to be corrected. Thanks to him it got slightly better but it still looked bad. I looked like a boy! I felt so bad that I literally cried.

A few weeks after, my hair still looks bad but it's still too short for a corrective haircut (that I guarantee you will NOT be done at that salon), so these Vitress bottles are my closest allies.

The complete Vitress line
Vitress Hair Solutions Hair Polish
The perfect finishing touch for any hairstyle. Leaves a glossy, silky shine for a sleeker, smoother, and healthier appearance. Tames frizz and smoothes down flyaway hair without the sticky feel.
  • Sun Protect - contains Sun Defense System that helps protect hair against the sun's damaging rays
  • Long Lasting Fragrance - contains Scent-Infinity Complex to keep hair fragrant throughout the day
  • Strengthening - contains Vita-Strength Formula that helps prevent split ends and breakage
This reminds me of the Hair Polish my Mom used to use when I was in Elementary, but distinctly remember that one felt greasy and sticky. Vitress Hair Solutions Hair Polish is the complete opposite and I can't get enough of its scent. My favorite is the Sun Protect variant because I hate the sun's harmful rays.

Vitress Hair Solutions Cuticle Coat
Watch dry, dull, and hard-to-manage hair become smooth, silky, and shiny instantly. 
  • Hair Repair - contains Hydro-Restore System that resists the ill effects of chemicals used in perming, dyeing, and other hair treatments for healthy, satin-smooth hair
  • Instant Relax - contains Vita-Relax Technology that helps flatten curly, wavy hair for a naturally straighter look
  • Heat Protect - contains Thermo-Shield Complex that protects hair from the harmful effects of frequent curling, ironing, or blow-drying, letting you create all the hairstyles you want
I love that these do not feel greasy on both my hair and hands unlike other hair oils and serums I have used. Easy to rinse off, too! My hair color's gone now but I'm planning to dye it again, so Hair Repair is my favorite Cuticle Coat variant. 

Would you like to see a photo of myself after using Vitress? Here you go!


Here's the real deal:

I am in an industry that puts a premium on appearances, so even though I would love to go to the office with just my wash-and-wear hair, I have to put in extra effort lest my thick and wavy hair look unkempt. Good thing Vitress Hair Solutions is here. I love that they're very inexpensive, too. (And pssst! Check out Sample Room because you can still grab FREE samples and try before you buy!) So, yeah, I have a love-hate relationship with my hair, but frankly I wouldn't have it any other way. 

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