Challenge accepted: #StrangeLit

02 August 2015

I really wasn't supposed to join because I'm still a little bit disappointed in myself for not finishing my Spark NA story, but a couple of days before registration closed this idea for a fantastical idea came to me while I was in the shower (as good ideas are wont to do) so I repeated it in my head over and over until I felt I have committed it to memory, then typed it in my Notes the moment I stepped out, water dripping and all. I also remembered how good it felt to finish Buqo YA and be a legit author. And now, here I am, one of the 96 students of the first batch of Strange Lit!

Strange Lit is a Paranormal/ Paranormal Romance /Urban Fantasy online writing class sponsored by Buqo (who also sponsored our YA class) and spearheaded by Mina Esguerra through Bronze Age Media. At the end of the class, participants are expected to turn in a story with at least 5,000 words that will be distributed by Buqo. My days of procrastinating and nights of typing on my keyboard ferociously are here again! Exciting times!

I've always been fascinated by shooting stars (when did we start wishing on them?) and genies, so my story is inspired by malevolent wish-granters and wishes gone wrong
Aside from the distribution deal, a huge perk in being part of this (free!) class is having the chance to learn from mentors who are already known in the field. In this case, our lessons that we've been receiving through email are by Paolo Chikiamco, Budjette Tan, Kate Evangelista, and Marian Tee. Yesterday we had our first face-to-face class at the Summit Media office, and I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Mina setting expectations and discussing distribution
Paolo adding on to his lesson about characters
He said "rules define characters" (plus points for the Batman reference!) and that for a story to be satisfying it must always follow that rule
Kate discussing world-building
We were asked to write down the fantasy elements/ supernatural creatures that can be expected from the story we're writing
Doesn't this set-up remind you of Once Upon a Sticky Note? *wink*
I enjoyed the lessons and I learned a lot, plus I also saw a lot of familiar faces and met new friends!

My new friend Jothee
We rode the bus home together
She also graduated from PLM like me!
With Six and Chrissie
A solo photo of Chrissie holding a watercolor artwork I painted!
It was meant to be a romantic camping scene under a star-lit sky but I went trigger-happy on the masking fluid (it was my first time to use it, okay??) and I wasn't really thrilled about it but Chrissie said she loved it so I gave it to her!
With Kate
I love her hair I think I want to dye my hair again!
With Mina
Thank you for you!
I wish we can do this more often except that EDSA traffic is my personal version of hell on Earth (it took me more than three hours to get home, I am still sad, but mostly exasperated.)

A quarter of Strange Lit Batch 1
Photo from Buqo
Unlike the previous writing classes I joined, the deadline for this one is a LOT tighter. I mean, finished manuscripts should be ready by September 5! That's a little more than a month from now, leaving me little room for procrastination (but here I am, blogging and singing along to Carly Rae Jepsen). I even joked that it's probably to make the ebooks ready in time for Halloween, heh.

I really wish we can all finish our stories! I read my classmates' concepts and they're all interesting! I would love more variety in my bookshelves/ digital library and new books are ALWAYS welcome! I'm crossing my fingers (and toes and eyes) for us!

Seriously though, wish me luck! But don't go wishing on malevolent wishing wells/ shooting stars/ genies! *wink*

Check our tweets and feel like you're part of the #StrangeLit class!

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