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03 August 2015

I don't usually dislike Mondays, but today truly felt like a Monday to me. All I want to do is curl down under the covers with a good book and never come out again until next Monday but, you know, there are work-stuff that needs to be done, manuscripts that need to be written, and adult responsibilities that need to be attended to. Still, a girl can dream.


Mythspace by Paolo Chikiamco (I got my copy signed last Saturday!) More people should be made aware that we have quite a diverse variety of awesome graphic novels, speculative fiction, and fantasy novels written by local authors, because up until recently even I didn't really know about them, and I loiter around bookstores A LOT.

An outline for my StrangeLit story so I can submit my blurb which is due on Wednesday.

My StrangeLit characters' voices in my head.

... Please don't think I'm weird.

Of names for my StrangeLit characters' names. Everything I have thought of so far sounded either too common or too obscure. I need a comfortable middle ground.

Excited for a lot of bookish events I will be attending, like the exhibit opening of Manix Abrera's 14 Silent Comics this coming Wednesday, the Philippine Literary Festival happening at the end of the month (I really enjoyed last year's forums so I'm not going to miss this year's!), and the 36th Manila International Book Fair happening next month! It'll be my first time to go, if ever. I've always wanted to go but I had no one to go with, heh.

Carly Rae Jepsen's Emotion album. I'm a new fan!

A Krispy Kreme doughnut. Yes, I do realize it's 9:35 PM and there is no Krispy Kreme branch anywhere within a 10-kilometer radius, but it's been a long day and I am feeling sad and hormonal and I just want a doughnut.

Friendly smiles and cuddles.

I also need a physical activity. I need to enroll in yoga or pole dancing or Plana Forma or boxing.

That I can stick to the plan, maintain this enthusiasm, and finish my StrangeLit story.

I hope you are all well, my friends! Have a great August! Take care of your hearts. ♥

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