We need to talk about The Daykeeper

23 November 2014

It's that time of the year again when we pause and wonder where the months flew by. In just a few weeks, we'd have to get used to writing down a completely different year when we note the date. Yep, it's that time of the year again when people are in the market for a new planner.

I've never been the type to collect stickers for planners, mainly because I don't have the patience and EQ for that. In most recent years the planners I used ranged from the Le Petit Prince Moleskine to Moonleaf Tea Shop planner to Belle de Jour Power Planners to Best Buy Date Books. For this coming year, I got myself The Daykeeper and I think it's my favorite among all the planners I've gotten to date. Why, you ask? Well...

We need to talk about how simple yet elegant it looks. That navy blue cover and that gold lettering and corner tab speak to my newly-acquired preference for things that can be considered "classy and mature."

We need to talk about that slip case with beautiful typography done by Tippy of Googly Gooeys.  It was personalized with my name, too! If you're giving The Daykeeper as a gift, just state it in your email so they can write the name of the recipient.

We need to talk about how the repetitive stamping of the word 'courage' all over the front inside page and back inside cover as well as the "Courage, dear heart." quote by CS Lewis on the first page are giving me, yes, courage. A little more than a month still remaining for 2014 but I already have a clear vision of what I want to achieve for 2015.

We need to talk about the great job Abbey did for The Daykeeper Manifesto. Beautiful words done in beautiful calligraphy.

We need to talk about how we can make a letter to our future selves, to be tucked out of sight and be opened again come the eve of 2016. I do this every year at FutureMe.Org and it's cool that there's an IRL version.

We need to talk about how The Daykeeper has a calendar at the beginning of each month coupled with a beautiful photograph and an inspiring quote or a Bible verse. I plan to write ARC PR events and birthdays here.

We need to talk about how The Daykeeper has a weekly view with the left side acting as a planner where I can note my plans for the week and the right side acting as a journal where I can list down 'things that made me smile today'. All interspersed with beautiful photographs, of course. No two pages are the same. I particularly love this because I can always read the things written here when I am feeling sad and less grateful than I should be.

We need to talk about how you can just flip to any page and be instantly inspired.

We need to talk about how The Daykeeper encourages you to count your blessings and review the year that has passed. I look forward to reading the things that I will write down here after a year.

We need to talk about how The Daykeeper even includes four postcards you can mail to your loved ones from wherever in the world you may be. Ah, the joys of receiving thoughtful thoughts in the mail. ♡ 

We need to talk about how The Daykeeper inspires me to go after my dreams and make the most out of the coming year. Thank you for bringing The Daykeeper to life, Kat San Juan! Indeed, amazing things will happen.

Find out how you can order your own by visiting The Daykeeper Datebook on Facebook and Instagram. This is not a sponsored post. I bought my own copy after seeing Marika's post about her planner on Instagram and now I'm hoarding pens and washi tapes to decorate and personalize my datebook with.



  1. omg! so cute and inspiring! I've been wanting to make something like this for a while but got kind of stuck. I guess this helps me expand my imagination and ideas, wee~! and now I'm also tempted to purchase one, meep!

  2. It is! I'm actually wishing for the days to pass faster just so I can already start using it, haha. ^_^

  3. dudeeeeeeee I want the planner! How much does it cost and do they ship internationally? Cuz if they don't I'm gonna hide under my beds and cry until tomorrow afternoon. Or evening. Or whenever I start to get hungry. xD miss you, Krissy Kreme!

  4. Lizzybeb! Heima can ship internationally! Here's the link: http://www.heimastore.com/product-details.php?id=1243

    I miss you, too! Hope we can visit one another's part of the woods... If not anytime soon, then some time in the future. :)


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