The Gift of Time

22 November 2014

It has been almost a month since my Kuya left us but we still haven't fully recovered. Personally, I have accepted that he's gone and will never come back, but I know our Christmases, New Years, and family gatherings will never be the same.

There are mornings I wake up and feel perfectly fine but feel my world spin out of control when I get reminded that he's gone. Sometimes, when I go home alone, I think of him and get terribly lonely. Earlier today, my aunt Jean and I spent a couple of hours just talking about him and crying together. We're all reeling from his loss. but I don't think anyone took the hit more than my grandmother. They say a parent should never have to bury his/ her child, and I know my Lola is suffering more than she lets on.

When Tomato Time offered to give me two watches with one of them going to a loved one, I instantly knew there's no one else I wanted to give it to.

The two watches came individually wrapped in gift boxes. I excitedly opened mine right away.
I initially chose Struktur Eternal. Keyword is 'initially'.
When we opened the boxes, Lola said she prefers my watch so of course I agreed to switch. It helped that I also secretly preferred the one that I initially chose for her, heehee.

My Lola is one of my favorite people in the world not only because she spoils me tremendously, nor because she used to get me a lot of comic books when I was really young, igniting my love for reading and making stories, and not even for her great cooking. My Lola is one of my favorite people in the world because her love is unconditional. My Lola always feels like home.

I get too busy sometimes but as much as possible I go to their house on weekends so I can spend time with her, or she goes to ours. Lately she goes to Navotas more frequently to visit my Kuya's grave. Life flies by so fast and I intend to dedicate more time to her. Thanks to Tomato Time for giving us something tangible to represent the Gift of Time.

My Tomato Time Party Tinsel Watch and Lola's Tomato Time Struktur Eternal Watch
This Christmas, the Gift of Time is one of the most important and valuable gifts you can give your loved ones, for in giving them time you are also giving them a portion of your life you can never take back. Why not throw in a nice watch from Tomato Time while you're at it? Tomato Time watches are affordable yet stylish, and even come with one-year warranty on mechanism and battery. Browse online or visit Tomato branches and Tomato Time kiosks near you!

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Disclosure: Tomato Time got in touch with me and gave me two watches for me and a loved one in exchange for this blog post and social media posts. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for writing this. Read my full disclosure policy here.


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