How old are you?

05 November 2014

I'm not gonna lie. Getting surprised reactions from people who didn't know how old I am makes my heart sing. ♥ That doesn't mean I'm ashamed of my age, of course. I'm just saying it's nice to receive compliments that I look younger for my age.

But YES, as this cake says:
I am 28 years old and I am beautiful.
Thank you, Dove.
New year blues I get, but never birthday blues. Instead, I look forward to each and every birthday, when I'm given extra-special treatment just because it's the day commemorating my grand entrance into this world.

Lily and I share the same enthusiasm.

Not all women can say the same, though. Just watch this short video:

Women become increasingly hesitant to share their age, unlike their younger counterparts. Where does this come from? I'll hazard a guess that it's from our society's weird obsession with everything younger, glossier, and newer. As Barney Stinson says, "New is always better."

I'll just go ahead and say it: youth is overrated. It would be cool to go back and do everything all over again as guided by my present self, sure, but that's impossible. Besides, I'd just rather not go through all those awkward and angsty and reckless teenage years all over again.

I am 28. I am nowhere near what my teenage self had envisioned I would be by this age (neither am I a mother nor a wife even, and I still don't have my own library nor am I editing my own magazine), but I *think* I'm doing okay. I am doing well in my job, I've managed to have a healthy work-life balance, I enjoy my many hobbies, and even though I don't have romantic prospects at the moment I can honestly say I'm fine despite momentary bouts of loneliness when there's no one to go to movies or concerts with. Late 20s is a good stage to be in, at least for me, since I get to stand on my own two feet while applying the lessons I learned early on.

A dependable skincare regimen and never forgetting sunscreen don't hurt, either.

This has been a very interesting year so far and I am thankful. I am 28 years old and even with these eyebags I am beautiful. Thanks for reminding me and for everything that you do, Dove!

How old are you? Are you proud of your age? Join the conversation!

"Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many."


  1. I love this post! Baliktad naman ako... I get annoyed when people think I'm 17 even though I'm 24 haha. But at the same time it IS flattering. And yes, you do look younger than your age :)

  2. Haha my favorite is when PUV drivers confirm if I'm still a student so they can give me a discount. I almost want to pay double when that happens LOL.

    And aww, thank you! ^_^

  3. I look forward to my birthday as well! I don't understand why people has to lie about their age. Having an additional year to your life is a privilege. :)

  4. ako naman baligtad, even when i was younger akala ng mga tao matanda na ako. physically, emotionally, mentally, whateverlly.. hahaa. or maybe because i was tall for my age back in my elem days and my 'future' made me look like a grown up lady. inggit ako kase never ako naging baby faced. :(


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