Of swings, swimming pools, and seeing old loves.

17 May 2014

Today I went back to an old love to see my old loves.

My dear friend and former officemate Michelle transferred to a new department recently, and they planned a summer outing in Vine Leaf Resort in Antipolo where friends and family can also join in. I gamely agreed when she invited me.

I have to admit I was a little apprehensive to go at first because I didn't want to feel like I was crashing a party. I left HSBC back in 2012 and I was part of a different department so it was my first time to meet almost everyone of them. Thankfully, I didn't feel shunned even for one second. They were all so nice and friendly and funny, and I felt really welcomed to the point that I almost wanted to apply there again. Hah. How I missed working with a lot of people within the team. My old loves are in good hands. I wish we took a group photo when everyone was still there.

Now I have great memories of this day and a sexy tan to go with it. More than anything else though, it was really nice to see my old friends [who also became my housemates at one point] Ruther, Marsha, Asther, and Michelle again. They were the first ones who taught me that going to work need not feel like a chore, and I will be forever thankful for their friendship. I read somewhere that if you've been friends with someone for seven years, then you'll be friends forever. In that case, I'm already set for life. Whatever they decide to do [so long as it's legal, LOL], I'm just there to support them.

Until next time, old loves. See you again soon. 


  1. Naiyak ako 'tel...whew! Ahaha..cheers to our friendship..love you!!!

  2. Talaga? Hihi, love you Michelle! ♥


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