Review: OFRA lipstick in Fuchsia

04 May 2014

"I have enough lipstick." Said no woman ever.

And so when Kira asked me what I want among Glamourbox's wide selection of beauty products as a belated birthday gift to me, I chose the OFRA lipstick in Purple Haze and Holika Holika Angel's Ring Bubble Hair Color in Red Wine straightaway. This post will concentrate on the lipstick since I haven't used the hair dye yet, though. I chose Purple Haze because I wanted more purple-colored lipsticks aside from my Wet 'n Wild in Ravin' Raisin. However, after she showed me swatches comparing it to another shade, I jumped ship and chose Fuchsia instead.

This is a review of my OFRA lipstick in Fuchsia.

OFRA lipsticks are packaged quite simply, with the color shown on the bottom to make identifying it much easier. I'm glad they gave this one a name unlike their first releases that were given just shade numbers (like my OFRA #205) but they could've been more creative and thought of more exciting names.

OFRA Fuchsia is a deep berry that looks like it has a matte finish, but one swipe will tell you it is actually more satiny and creamy. As with other OFRA lipsticks, it has a "moisturizing formula enriched with anti-oxidants, Vitamin E, and natural sunscreen." The swatches look phenomenal, by the way! Take a look at these.

One swipe vs two swipes
On my lips
After four hours in front of my computer in our air-conditioned office, without eating nor drinking
I used it for the first time during this year's Craft Awards, and here is an untouched photo (please excuse my crazy eyes, I was trying not to blink LOL):

I did think that this can be compared to some of the other lipsticks I already have, so I took some of them out of storage and swatched away. That MAC Heroine belongs to my officemate Rica, though.

OFRA Fuchsia vs MAC Heroine vs MAC Girl About Town vs Wet 'n Wild Sugar Plum Fairy
OFRA Fuchsia leans more on the deep berry side than [my ultimate fave] MAC Girl About Town, and is worlds away from MAC Heroine's lavender/ purple tint. It does eerily look almost the same as Wet 'n Wild Sugar Plum Fairy although unlike the latter, it is a lot more moisturizing and does not bleed nor feather.

Gorgeous shade of pink that's versatile enough to be dressed up or down, inexpensive, long-lasting, and moisturizing - I can easily count this as one of my top ten favorite lipsticks ever! My only gripe about it is that it's not readily available in malls but can only be bought via Glamourbox (Kira told me I got the last piece, so I hope they've already restocked them in case you want one!). And oh yeah, hopefully they can come up with cuter shade names next time, hee.

I should be writing my book but here I am, writing about lipstick. -_-' Oh well. I'm going back to work now, TTFN!

Disclosure: Product was given to me as a gift. Thanks again, Kira! All opinions are my own. Click here to read this blog's disclosure policy.


  1. The Ofra lipsticks textures are amazing and they're crazily pigmented :)

  2. Raisa Mae FernandezMay 5, 2014 at 8:05 PM

    You will be an adorable SR partner blogger!

  3. Intense ang Ofra! Their lipsticks are so lightweight but super pigmented. I got the red one before, there was no name nga just some random jumble of numbers...

  4. Love this! Ofra is really super pigmented and longlasting! I also want to try the liquid lipsticks at Glamourbox.


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