BU7 X Sunsilk Summer Fair

12 May 2014

Bloggers United teamed up with Sunsilk for the seventh installment of the bloggers' bazaar held in Metrotent last Saturday, and it was so much fun! I almost didn't go because I got too wrapped up with work that I didn't get to prepare anything to sell, but thankfully I thought of teaming up with my friend Jho!

We sold art and craft supplies, and I'm so glad we still sold a lot despite the event being primarily fashion-centric. We were right smack in the middle of booths selling clothes, shoes, and accessories at dirt-cheap prices but sales still did well. Cheers to us DIY-lovers!

Photo from 10taku Street
Thank you!
I didn't have a poster prepared beforehand so I made this on the spot
We sold notepads, washi tapes, DIY photo frames, craft punchers, clothespins, rubber stamps, stamp pads, colored pens, printed masking tapes, and printed paper, among others
Jho and I have been friends since we were in fourth grade. She's one of the most creative students in the class, and I loved looking at her projects because they're always so artfully done!

More than anything else, I love Bloggers United bazaars because I get to see a lot of people, hang out with my friends, and meet my readers!

With Alex, Tish, and Kira

With my friends/ BU organizers Ana and Aisa

With my former ARC officemates Kira and Nikki (and son Jordan!)

Photo from Earth
Hi Niche!
With Ava
With Raiza
With Reese
I liked a pair of pineapple earrings in her booth and I was supposed to buy it but I forgot to pass by for it again before I went home. T_T
With my dear friend Michelle who celebrated her birthday yesterday. Thanks for coming, Mich!
With Lee | With Rin and sister | With Frances
With Rejj | With Tina and Cora | With Ahlex
Thanks for dropping by, girls!
Dairy Queen also let us try their new Blizzard flavors. I loved Waffle Crisp Nutella a lot!
Jho also gave me a massive arts and crafts loot bag! Yay!
Hope you enjoyed BU7, Jho! How about we sign up to craft workshops together? That'll be fun!
What an experience! Due to the nature of things I sold in my booth, I think this is my favorite BU so far! Thank you so much to everyone who shared BU7 with me and hugest of thanks to the organizers and sponsors especially Smart for making this another awesome event to remember! I'm already looking forward to BU8! ;)


  1. Your booth looks awesome! Wish I could have come!

  2. Glad you had fun sis :) Thank you! :)

  3. Thanks, Eula! Yes, I wish you could have joined us!


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