The Breakfast Club's first trip to Tagaytay

02 May 2014

Yesterday was the first day of my long Labor Day weekend, and I spent it exploring Tagaytay with my friends from my carpool service. I love how we have different personalities but we mesh so well. We've done a lot of things but it was our first out-of-town trip together!

Convent of Divine Mercy

Bag of Beans

Talisay, Batangas

Pinaglintikan Bridge
or, as I prefer calling it, Bridge to Terabithia

Tierra Maria

Picnic Grove

Our Lady of Lourdes Parish

RSM Lutong Bahay

We capped the night with frappes and tea at Starbucks before Kuya Jun drove us home. I was dead tired that I slept all the way through even though I was fighting it because I wanted to swap more stories with them.

So yes, my whole body hurts right now because I need more exercise. And yes, it was just a very short trip and we didn't even go that far from Manila, but it doesn't matter. After all, in life, it's not where you go - it's who you travel with. Thanks Chum, Sheila, Ralph, and Mike for another great experience. I am thankful to have been blessed with great friends!


  1. Hmmm. Pwede personal question.. Hahah. Are you and the guy in stripes together? He looks good, btw. Hahaha. Sweet nyo eh. :P

  2. Haha I was gona ask the same thing! *tsismosa lang :) Looking good, K!

  3. Haha no, we're not. :D

    @AC M. makakarating. ^_^

    @Riz thanks! :D


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