New DIY tool: Monster Tail Rainbow Loom

18 May 2014

My sister has been bugging me about this endlessly so today, I dropped by Toy Kingdom in SM North EDSA - The Block to get her a Rainbow Loom bracelet making kit. Unfortunately, they don't have any stocks anymore and I was feeling too lazy to go to the Toy Kingdom inside The SM Store to check so I got her these instead:

Monster Tail Rainbow Loom and packs of Rainbow Loom rubber bands
I'll be the first one to admit that I didn't care much for this Rainbow Loom thing. When this first started to gain popularity locally about a month ago, I dismissed it as a trend that will soon die down and never spoken of again. Besides, what will a 28 year old *cough* mature *cough* woman like me do with bracelets made out of rubber bands? However, due to my sister's insistence that I get her one, I checked it out online and was blown away by the number of designs and charms one can make with it! So, yeah, I wanted to get her the big starter pack that costs P899.75 but because of the apparent sheer demand for the product and my laziness to check other branches I got her this Monster Tail set instead. 

Monster Tail is said to be the travel-sized version of the starter pack so I guess it's as good a way as any to start. It costs P499.75. The set contains a Monster Tail Loom, a mini Rainbow Loom, large C clips, a pack of multi-colored rubber bands, a plastic case you can use as a storage compartment (although my sister now uses one of my accessory compartment boxes to store her new toy), and an instruction manual for Single Band Quadfish and Criss Cross Quadfish. It also contains a registration code you can enter at Rainbow Loom's official website to unlock new and exclusive design patterns.

I also got her two additional packs of rubber bands: Skin (600 pieces) and Glitter-gold (300 pieces). These cost P179.75 each but Skin is double the number of pieces of Glitter-gold so I guess the latter is a more premium color. I wanted to get more but I had to think of my budget heh.

My sister immediately went to work and made these Single Band Quadfish bracelets. The flesh-baby pink-gold glitter combination is mine ♥ 

I actually wanted her to make me the Criss Cross Quadfish one but it was proving to be too complicated for her current Rainbow Loom skillz. She is very adept with her hands though so I'm sure with just a little practice, she will be able to transition into more complex patterns in no time. Between the two of us, she is the more creative one so I'm glad she's making good use of her time.

Also, Louis Tomlinson is perfect.

Upon typing this, my sister has already made two more bracelets, this time using different patterns with the multi-colored rubber bands that came with the set. She is so happy with her Monster Tail Rainbow Loom set although she is still bugging me about the bigger one so she can make charms that the mini Rainbow Loom can't allow. I can never win LOL.

Do you have a Rainbow Loom set? What is/ are your favorite design/s?


  1. The starter set is easier to use lol.

  2. Really? That's what I was supposed to get but there were no stocks and I didn't want to go home empty-handed >_<'

  3. You guys are too cute! Younger sister, I presume?

  4. both are easy to use :)

  5. nice design! want to follow it...


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