Of denims and hot summer days.

16 May 2014

With the levels of heat and humidity we are experiencing in Manila these days, I am so thankful I have a job that does not have a strict dress code. I can wear whatever I want, so long as it doesn't look sleazy nor does it offend other people's sensibilities. Of course, I also need to look presentable enough for impromptu meetings with leads and clients.

I plan my outfits and dress according to my moods and the weather. On bright and sunny days like this I prefer wearing airy tops and comfortable denims, like these pieces from Freego Jeans.

I love everything about this top: its collar, button details, the floral print, and its versatility. I can wear it with a denim skirt, or slacks, or shorts, or a dressier skirt, and it will match. As for the jeans, it's one of the most comfortable skinnies I own as the fabric is so soft and doesn't make me feel like I am being tortured for wearing it, heh. It's actually from Freego's Super Shapers Collection for women.

The Super Shapers Collection defines your personal brand of sexy through strategic cuts, panels, treatments, and washes to contour the figure well, taking care of specific problem areas. The Buttlifter easily gives your bum a good boost, while Shape Ups enhance your hips for a sleeker, sexier silhouette. Skimmers elongate legs and the Slimming jeans trim down your gams, while Tummy Tucks hide unwanted love handles. Finally, the Cosmetic jeans seamlessly flatter feminine curves on all sides. I always jokingly tell my friends that I am long-legged, so this is perfect for me. ^_~

Trends come and go but denims are here to stay, just with more modern cuts. There's a pair of denim jeans to flatter every size, shape, and style! Did you know that Freego also came out with the 10-Pocket Reversible Jeans? To know the denim cut and style perfect for you, you may check out Freego at leading department stores nationwide. You may also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


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