Good times, great memories with Shakey's

23 May 2014

I have always associated Shakey's with great memories. When I was still studying and I would get medals by the end of the school year for being in the Top 10 of the class and for winning quiz bees, my whole family would go to Shakey's in Malabon for celebratory dinner. When I was in college and my girl friends and I were feeling accomplished after finishing particularly difficult projects, we would go to Shakey's in SM Manila to celebrate over pizza, pasta, and mojos. When my brother and his girlfriend graduated from college early this year, our family and Deb's family went to Shakey's in SM Mall of Asia to toast their success. Looking back at the many times I've eaten there, I've never eaten in Shakey's alone and I've always liked it that way.

Photo taken from Shakey's Katipunan branch
I work in PR and I consider getting Shakey's as a client as one of its highlights not only because of the reasons stated above but also because I know it's one of the most iconic restaurants in the Philippines for the food they serve and the ambiance and service their stores and staff provide.

Last month, my friends from my carpool service and I went to Shakey's in Monumento for my post-birthday dinner. Ralph and Mike weren't able to go to my #LegenwaitforitdaryKrissyParty because of prior commitments but they made it a point to make it up to me through this dinner. And celebrate we did! For just a little over P1,200, we got all these through the Monster Meal Deal. I was even given a free birthday dessert, on the house!

Good times, great memories with The Breakfast Club! Thanks, Shakey's!

By the way, did you know that their first Philippine branch opened in Makati in 1975? Almost four decades later, Shakey’s is now a successful nationwide franchise with over 100 restaurants. Aside from their world-famous thin crust pizza, they also offer hand-tossed versions. They also came up with the new Shakey's Pizza 1954, and I will tell you about it in greater detail (plus a contest!) on a future post. ;) And of course, who can forget Chicken ‘N Mojos, pasta, and their soups and salads? How about you, what are your Shakey's favorites?

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