Krissyfied X SM Accessories : Macklemore & Ryan Lewis World Tour

07 March 2014

When it comes to music, my favorite genres are alternative, indie-rock, and pop-rock. I am not the biggest fan of hip hop and rap but I do enjoy listening to it every now and then. When Macklemore & Ryan Lewis entered the music scene, everyone including myself took notice. I guess you can't win four Grammy Awards and expect to scoot through life unnoticed heh. Ryan Lewis was also interviewed by DJs Mo Twister, Sam Oh, and Mikey Bustos on the Magic Morning Show about three weeks ago and it struck me how eloquent and humble he was that I found myself wanting to go to the Manila leg of their World Tour even though as I said, I am not a big hip hop/ rap fan. I love going to concerts but I've never been to a hip hop/ rap show so it might be a cool new experience.

Thanks to SM Accessories, I will get the chance to do just that! What an awesome advanced birthday gift! Thanks, guys! And because they are extra generous, one reader of can also win a pair of Lower Box B tickets to the concert!

Check out the Rafflecopter widget below to join.

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This giveaway is open to everyone who will be able to claim the tickets from SM Accessories's office in case they win. The giveaway ends on March 14 and I will announce the winner on the same day. Are you as excited as I am? I hope you are! Big thanks to SM Accessories again!

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are set to perform at the Mall of Asia Arena on March 16, 2014. Presented by Viber and VISA. Brought to you by Wize & Ope Watches. Official residence is Solaire Resort and Casino. Media partners include 2nd Avenue, ETC, JackTV, MYX, BusinessWorld, Philippine Daily Inquirer, BusinessMirror, Philippine Star, Monster RX 93.1, 105.9 Radio High, 99.5 PlayFM,, ClickTheCity,, Wheninmanila, Circuit Magazine, Status Magazine, Pinoytuner, IndieJam.Org, Odyssey, SM Mall of Asia, SM North Edsa, and GrabTaxi. Tickets are available at all SM Tickets outlets, and online or call 470-222. Tickets prices are: Moshpit, P 5940; Patron, P 4770; VIP Standing, P 3180; Lower Box A, P 3500, Lower Box B, 2650. Another world-class production brought to you by Concertus Manila. For more information, call Concertus Manila at 403-8678.


  1. Thrift Shop!! of course :) That was the first song I've ever heard from them :"D and I will never ever forget the "whut whut whut?" lol x

    monica ayungao

  2. Hi Krissy :) I love Can't Hold Us. When I first heard it on the radio, I fell in love with it. I got myself a copy and made it my ringtone. Hee The dance vibe it gives whenever I hear it... :)

    Maria Jobelle C. Lopez

  3. My ultimate fave is CAN'T HOLD US! :)

    Yani Yamzon

  4. My favorite song from their album is SAME LOVE.

    Name: Kael Conciso

  5. Same Love will never fail to make me feel things that demand to be felt. It's absolutely amazing. Hopefully I get to experience it live too!

    Mariel Ong

  6. Krissy,
    Still recall first listening to the album, I exclaimed 'Such humanity!'
    The Heist is both candid and poetic. The themes are familiar, sure, but it's obvious these two are visionaries, pushing the boundaries of rap/hip-hop and music in general. It would be awesome to witness it live for my bday month =DD

    Thrift Shop <==absolute favorite
    --still listen to it at least once every time I go on an ukay or tiangge adventure (w/c happens often hahaha)!

    Ralph Jacob

  7. Though I listen to a great variety of artists, just
    like everyone, Macklemore ad Ryan Lewis stayed close to my heart. There
    was a diminutive hole in my soul waiting for their masterpiece and when
    they debuted this track "Same Love" under the album 'The Heist" , it was
    exactly how I felt. Aside from the rhapsodic music video, catchy beat,
    the positivity of the song, this song also was an work of art which has
    played a big part in making the issue of gay and lesbian equality more
    understandable to mainstream audiences... Finally, I was able to feel
    their music again. (Plus, scoring these tickets could serve as a cherry
    on top ‘cause I would actually feel their music live.) Hard to put into
    words ... just listen to this song and you will realize how beautiful it
    is. thankyou!!

    Name: Hubert Rivera

  8. Hi Krissy just trying my luck here.. I joined :D

    Anyways, I love Can't Hold Us coz this song is very catchy, and has awesome lyrics. Yeah! It takes some serious trust in people to let them hold you up like that. Right??

    Lorielyn Nocasa

  9. ten thousand hours
    yen morales

  10. JoannaCatbagan

    Favorite song from their album is SAME LOVE. I beleive in equality when it comes to LOVE. No boundaries. Age doesn't mater as well as GENDER. This are for my friends from the LGBT community struggling due to people juding them based who they are and who they love. I can't wait to to witness Macklemore and RL to perform it live. They might put up another wedding during the show!

  11. Jowell Jhayz GadianaMarch 8, 2014 at 10:57 AM

    Jowell Jay Gadiana

    Same Love. This is my favorite line from Macklemore’s / Ryan Lewis’ song because it reminds me that there’s No sex, No religion, no race bound for Love and Respect. God has this equal love for everyone! Same Love also played a big part in making the issue of gay and lesbian equality more understandable to mainstream audiences. :)

  12. Jowell Jhayz GadianaMarch 8, 2014 at 10:58 AM

    Jowell Jay Gadiana

    Same Love. This is my favorite song from The Heist Album. because it reminds me that there’s No sex, No religion, no race bound for Love and Respect. God has this equal love for everyone! Same Love also played a big part in making the issue of gay and lesbian equality more understandable to mainstream audiences. :)

  13. Jayson Malanum

    Same Love because it's meaningful

    I hope I win the #SMAccessoriesxMacklemoreRyanLewis tickets@krissyfied and #SMAccessoriesSummer are giving away!

  14. Jayson Malanum

    Same Love because it's meaningful">

  15. Jayson Malanum

    Same Love because it's meaningful.

  16. Iris Castillo

    Can't hold us. I can't stop my self from dancing whenever I hear it playing.

  17. Jamaica Lee Cerdeña

    Same Love. Because it has a meaning. We must never let stereotyping come along our way. Equality for everyone ♥

  18. Khristel Anne VitalMarch 8, 2014 at 7:59 PM

    Khristel VItal

    Thrift Shop is my fave :)

  19. All songs in the album are great, but my most favorite is Wings. It tells so much about achieving dreams.

    Gerald Santos

  20. Alyssa Marie Anatalio

    Same Love because I love how Macklemore and Ryan Lewis supports equality so strong and with no shame and as for the party song, Thrift Shop. Seriously, it makes want to go shop in an Ukay Ukay!!

  21. Name: Felicia Grace Santos

    E-mail address:

    my fave is thrift shop because that's where you can find rare pieces of clothing and the song is soooo catchy!!!!

  22. Cedric VánguardiaMarch 9, 2014 at 11:12 AM

    cedric vanguardia

    Same Love because it reflects all types of love thus all love is equal, true love is unconditional. This isn't just in relation to romantic love, but every type, every display and every manifestation of love as the force which connect each living things to every other. Love connets back together what hate has separated....And why hate has destroyed. Love is that which builds with the most, there are sheds of grey, a spectrum of possibilities which lie between two extremes.
    It takes balls for a straight rapper to risk his career and call out the homophobhia in the Hip-hop industry.

  23. rosane banal

    Macklemore & Ryan Lewis inspires me and people from all different stereotype parties. Everytime I hear them sing, it is an inspiration to what I do and plan to do, and it shows all the listeners, to “DO SOMETHING YOU LOVE”. I love MACKLEMORE AND RYAN LEWIS.

  24. What is your favorite song from their album The Heist?

    Thrift Shop. It makes me Feel Cool all the time :)

    Enchie Fremista

  25. aside from same love which i guess majority of us love, i also love the song Can't Hold Us. i like it because it's a very catchy song (wait? did you say we should tell why? HAHA! oh well.) and i like it's beat i always dance to it's tune :>

    Karizma Pailan


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