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02 March 2014

The weekend has done a lot of good and I feel a lot better since my last post. I just want to turn things around and begin the new month on a positive note, so why not do it by talking about things I love?

Fellow book lovers are most probably already familiar with this site but for those who are not, let me tell you that if you love books then you should open a Goodreads account.

Quick note: I am not affiliated with Goodreads in any way but I am the type of person who loves recommending things to people who might find them great or useful or helpful in any way.

Goodreads is the world's largest site for readers and book recommendations. Launched in 2007, their mission is "to help people find and share books they love." Through the site, you can see what your friends are reading, what they read, and what they would want to read. It's basically a social networking site for book lovers! Here's a link to my account - add me!

If you don't care about any of those stuff, you can still open an account just to have online shelves to keep track of books you have read, want to read, and are currently reading. Browsing books recommended to me according to the genre I have chosen as well as the books I've already added have resulted to a rapid increase of titles being added to my Want-to-read shelf, making shopping for books much easier. When I'm in a bookstore or when I'm going through ebooks, I just have to consult my Want-to-read shelf and base my choices there! I'm happy to say it hasn't failed me so far.

My favorite thing about Goodreads is the way it offers a fast and easy way to look up a title, see the synopsis and other details about the book (like date of publication, different book covers, et cetera), and read reviews to determine whether the book is worth reading or not.

This is the page of one of the books I'm currently reading: The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion
Each book's individual page also shows information about the author, trivia and quizzes, and quotes from the book. Excellent resource for when you write book reviews or when you want a kickass Facebook status or tweet, LOL.

Yes, I am doing my 40 Books for 2014 challenge through Goodreads.
So far I have read eight books. Not bad at all!
For those who are almost always on mobile, you can also install the Goodreads app on your phone. The books' pages only offer the shelving options, the synopsis, and reviews though.

The app also has a Barcode Scan feature that automatically brings you to the book's page when you scan the barcode . I think it's super cool LOL.

Scanning the barcode brought me to...
It means I wouldn't have to manually add everything in my Read book because the Barcode Scan will do it for me! Am I the only one who finds it awesome? One of these days, I will be able to update my Goodreads account with all the books I have ever read and it will be ah-ma-zing.

If you've reached this point and you're still reading this, I figure you're a kindred spirit so I'd just go ahead and give you a heads up on this event by Ayala Museum. 

The Printed Word: Revelations of the Book
A lecture and exhibition with book historian Dr. May Jurilla
A lecture on the history of books, printing, and publishing in the Philippines as revealed by the treasures and curiosities by the Rare Books collection of the Filipinas Heritage Library
Again, I am not affiliated with Ayala Museum nor the Filipinas Heritage Library but I do believe in spreading the word out and if you are reading this post then there's a chance you might find it interesting. I've already reserved a slot and if you want to do the same, you can visit this page for more information.

I'm ending this post with a few throwback photos I found while going through my old Facebook albums.

Tagaytay, February 2011
Laguna, September 2011
Tagaytay, March 2012
Tali, February 2013
Except for the last photo, everything was taken candidly on my unguarded moments. It just proves that even on out-of-town trips, my bag won't be complete without a book. That's why I'm so glad I have a Kindle now as it has made carrying lots of titles much easier and my bag a lot lighter 

This coming week is going to be crazy-busy but it's okay. I'm ready. Have a great March, everyone!

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