Battle of the Body Oils

16 March 2014

There are only a few luxuries I enjoy as much as lounging on a comfortable sofa with a book and a cup of hot chocolate on-hand; scented candles, pretty stationery, a full eight hour-sleep, and body oils are things I don't need, but they surely make me feel like a million bucks.

Of these, I'm putting the focus on body oils. 

I tried to research on the history of body oils but no one seems to know where they really originated. Several sources point that the ancient Egyptians were the first ones to utilize aromatherapy and aromatic herbs for religious, cosmetic, and medicinal purposes though. Sounds about right as when I think of luxurious baths from the olden days, it is Cleopatra that always comes to mind.

I digress. In this post I would like to share with you my favorite body oils and what I use them for. Note that this isn't exactly a battle since I use them for different purposes but I just really wanted to use that title LOL.

Human Heart Nature 100% Natural Sunflower Beauty Oil
Available at Human Heart Nature offices and The Landmark branches, or online via Human Heart Nature's website
Do you believe in miracles in bottles? Experience miracles as our gold elixir works its magic. Helps lighten dark under-eye circles, dark spots and pimple marks, minimize stretchmarks, lighten underarms, add shine to dull hair, moisturize the face and body, and more! No wonder sunflowers are known as "Happy Flowers" for the joy they bring!
Sunflowers are my favorite flowers because seeing them always cheers me up. I asked my mom to grow some but she said our cramped terrace wouldn't be ideal. Anyway, I use this on my legs every night. Mosquitoes just love me, resulting to quite a few ugly scars. The Human Heart Nature 100% Natural Sunflower Beauty Oil helped lighten most of them, making this a staple on my bedside table.

Neutrogena Body Oil
Available online via Neutrogena Philippines' Facebook app
The Sensual Moisturizer. Its light sesame formula glides on easily to moisturize dry skin. It's so sheer it vanishes into shower-damp skin leaving it soft and silky with a radiant, healthy glow. No moisturizer can touch this experience.
I like using this on cold and overcast days. I'm a little embarrassed to admit this, but it smells sooo nice that I can't stop sniffing myself when I have it on. Applying the Neutrogena Body Oil is like being engulfed in a blanket of softness and fresh flowers. Sigh. Unlike my other lotions, the scent stays on the whole day, even after I have changed from my work clothes into my normal house clothes! Best applied on damp skin.

The Body Shop Strawberry Beautifying Oil
Available at The Body Shop branches
Dry oil for body, face, and hair with cold-pressed strawberry seed oil and three precious nut oils: kukui, sweet almond, and Community Fair Trade marula oil.
This is the least greasy of all the body oils featured here. I alternate my The Body Shop Strawberry Beautifying Oil with the Human Heart Nature 100% Natural Sunflower Beauty Oil sometimes, especially on colder-than-usual nights heeBonus points for the sweet strawberry smell!

The Souq Organics Moroccan Argan Oil
Available online
Called the "liquid gold" by western cosmetic companies, Moroccan Argan Oil, which has been tested and proven to have restorative and age-defying effects, has become one of the latest miracle ingredients in the beauty industry. High in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, it helps in all sorts of skin and hair conditions and is an excellent makeup base in the morning or a moisturizer at night. It is also hypo-allergenic, non-comedogenic, and safe for all skin types.
All hail the argan oil! I've never really had problem skin but I do get the occasional zit or two, mostly around a week before Aunt Flo arrives for her monthly visit. They pop out and make me mildly uncomfortable for two to three days, then leave as if they were never there. A couple of months ago though, my occasional zit left a huge ugly scar on my right cheek! Well, what do you know, with continuous use of The Souq Organics Moroccan Argan Oil, that scar is no more. I've even abandoned my former meticulous night-time routine because of this; just my Shiseido Ibuki Purifying Cleanser and this and I'm good. :)

The Souq Organics Moroccan Argan Oil is a little expensive, though. Good thing I only need a couple of drops each night. I've been using it for more than two months but I haven't used up even a quarter of my 30mL bottle! My friends Kira and Alex also swear by argan oil for their hair.

So now you see how I don't have a favorite? It's because they all have different purposes! I guess each one is my favorite for the purpose they serve. Do you use body oils, too? What is your favorite?

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  1. Human Nature's Sunflower Beauty Oil works best for me as well. I agree, it's a cheaper yet effective alternative in healing old and new scars. At some point, I actually want to substitute oil for my everyday moisturising lotion. I feel that they work better and they surpassed my apprehension of having that sticky and greasy feel upon application.

  2. Thanks to your posts, I am able to make a list of stuff I'd ask my cousin to bring me when she comes here for a vacation. Haha. I actually prefer body oil than lotion, but when I came here I neglected my skin na. So I guess I need to bring back that addiction to body oil. :D

    Where did you get that The Souq Organics Moroccan Argan Oil? I want din.

    BTW, I love sunflower too.. pati canned tuna na favorite ko in sunflower oil. Hahaha. :D

  3. I love its moisturizing properties! I don't use it as a lotion though because of the lack of SPF. :)

  4. Here's the link to The Souq Organics's official website: You can get from there ^_^

    Have you tried the Choco-Sunflower Seeds that you can buy by the gram from Candy Corner kiosks? I LOVE THEM! :D

  5. thank you! will check the site and for sure im gonna grab one. i trust your reviews. haha.
    nope, havent tried that choco-sunflower seeds.. hanapin ko nga din dito.. hehehe :)

  6. Thank you! ^_^

    I hope you find some! They're really good! :D

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