The search for the perfect party dress

22 March 2014

Aside from work, my social life, and other commitments, I am buried waist-deep on party planning. Preparations for the #LegenwaitforitdaryKrissyParty are underway, and I need to take this seriously as I only have less than two weeks(!!!) left! 

I was able to go out for dinner with Kira and her family last night though, but apart from that, most of my weekend will be spent DIY-ing party decors with my sister. You can check my Instagram for a sneak peek, but I'm controlling myself from posting the rest of them because I don't want to spoil the whole party for everyone heehee. 

One thing I haven't decided on yet is my outfit. I was supposed to have a shirt customized with a "Haaaaave you met Krissy?" like what I did for my Pink Positive party (I wore a shirt with a stylized "Something pink this way comes" written on it), but I don't know if I'll be able to get it done in time so I guess I'm scrapping that idea. 

Because I love procrastinating surfing the Internet for interesting stuff, I looked around for dresses I can possibly wear. Miss Wedding Wear is a website that not only sells wedding dresses 2014, they also sell bridesmaid dresses, prom dresses, and dresses for every event imaginable. I browsed the site and came up with my top five choices according to my party's theme and personal preferences.

You see a yellow umbrella, you immediately think of The Mother. I had the same thought when I saw this dress, mostly because of the color.

Blue French horn, anyone?

If Barney Stinson was a dress, I think he'd be this. I wish I have the body to pull this off!

Technically, this dress is not really How I Met Your Mother-ish, but I included it here because I really, really liked it. Doesn't it look pretty?

My personal favorite! It looks like it was made for celebrations, it's fun, it's flirty - it's perfect! I wish I can wear this to my party.

Yes, I wish my guests can go all glammed up for my party, but summers here are unforgiving so I'm okay with it being more like a casual event. Besides, it's just an excuse to make all my closest friends and most favorite people get together in one place and meet one another. ;) I can't wait!

Now to decide on what I will wear...

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