Casual cat. Or dog. Or bear.

27 November 2013

It was a very casual workday for me today with no client meetings nor events planned so I opted to keep it simple and ultra-comfy. Yep, so casual that I wore my most worn jeans, a simple tank top, and sneakers.

Would you believe that I've had this top since I was in high school, and the jeans since I was in college? For reference, I graduated on March 2007. Although of course, I've "grown" a little since then, so these clothes fit me a little more snugly now thus the need to roll my jeans up. 。^‿^。

Years of having this top and I still haven't figured out whether the face on it belongs to a cat, a dog, or a bear. I've always thought it's a cat's face, but now I'm not so sure.

Also, can I just say how happy I am that our office is located right across Ayala Triangle Gardens? You just can't beat the view. Whenever my officemates Rica, Far, and I need a little creativity boost, we just cross the street and take outfit shots feast our eyes on the lush green grass while getting coffee or gelato from one of the many restaurants lined there.

Ayala Triangle Gardens has become a little more special now as the Lights and Sound show have officially started. You should come catch it while it's ongoing!

And that concludes my quick holler for today. Hope you're all having a great week so far!

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