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09 November 2013

I just got home from watching Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella at the Newport Performing Arts Theater in Resorts World Manila with my old housemate Asther, and we had a grand time! Thanks to my boss Jenny for giving me tickets!

I wish I can show you photos of the cast and props, but we were prohibited from taking photos.
Truth be told, I didn't like the Disney version of this fairy tale that much because I feel like aside from toiling for her stepmother and stepsisters and talking to animals all day, Cinderella didn't exactly have a very convincing sob story that would've made it easier for me to sympathize with her and consider her worthy of her Disney Princess-status. It's like all she did was look pretty at the ball and capture the eyes of the Prince (who didn't even know her name!); which reminds me, I also didn't know the Prince had a name, or maybe I just forgot! Meanwhile, the original version tells of the same tale, only with much more sordid details.

I enjoyed Rodgers and Hammerstein's version more because they [literally and figuratively] gave Prince Christopher a voice and built his and Cinderella's love story a more solid foundation - even though he was only made aware of her name when she was able to show everyone that the glass slipper fits her perfectly.

Karylle looked divine in her gown and Christian Bautista was fittingly charming as Prince Charming. Also, credit should be given where credit is due - everyone in the cast did such a great job that I still couldn't wrap my head around how they were able to memorize all those songs and dialogue! Unlike in movies and TV shows wherein a director can shout "Cut!" whenever someone makes a gaffe and they can shoot as many takes as they want, theater actors could never afford to make even a slight mistake. There are no take twos in theater.

I loved all of the songs they performed especially (I'm not sure if this title is correct but I hope it is) Ten Minutes Ago. Does anyone know whether they'll release an official soundtrack like movie musicals do?

Aside from being able to catch this wonderful fairy tale musical, I am also thankful that I got to catch up and bond with my former housemate again. We had such a good laugh at our recollection of memories of the time I was living independently, and it's great to know that nothing has changed - we're still the same two silly girls who love gabbing about books and TV shows and boys to one another. I've missed you, Ar, and I'm happy everything's going great with you right now!

I don't have information on until when Cinderella will run in Resorts World, but make sure to catch it when you can. It has magic, songs, and nostalgia beautifully wrapped in dreams and tied securely with wishes, I'm sure you'll love it.

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