My first Chucks

29 November 2013

Yesterday I went to Glorietta 2 with my friends/ officemates Rica and Far for the Converse Weatherized Collection Look challenge. See our official entry here! Before I worked in PR, it was my big dream to work in magazine publishing. Even though I wasn't able to follow that path, I'm still glad that thanks to the many tools readily available to us now, we can easily make a fashion editorial fit for a magazine! I found it challenging to come up with a creative concept for the shoot since I am such a girly girl, but we managed to pull through! It's always great to think out of the box. Thanks to Rica for helping me style and to Far for modelling for me. You ladies are awesome!

We don't really celebrate Thanksgiving here in the Philippines but it is a good time as any to say how thankful I am for these two ladies. I love our dynamics in and outside the office and going to work wouldn't be half as fun without them there.

After the shoot and a quick lunch, we went back to the store to check out the stuff. It is very rare to hear the words "Krissy" and "sneakers" in one sentence, but even though they're not usually the types of shoes I would normally browse through in the shops more, I still had a grand time ogling at the many designs available. Here are just some that I really liked:

Can you guess what I got? Hint: it's still pretty girly!

Anyway, can I just say how awesome it is to have my first pair of Chucks? As I said, I never thought I'd want one, but how could I not after seeing them pimped in two videos of my favorite band in the world?

Always a fangirl ♥

Here's what I got:

It's black with metallic-colored threads that change colors where light hits it. LOVE!
I wore it for the first time today -

- and I loved that I didn't have to deviate from my usual style!

It even matched my new cat bag from Meream! (The cat bag is handmade and costs P250 ONLY. Visit Meream's shop to get one!) So many possible outfit combinations with my new sneakers. I just know I will be getting a LOT of wear out of these. Thank you, Converse!

By the way, for those scouring malls for Christmas gifts, you might want to drop by Converse and take your pick from their expansive collection of bags and caps.

Heralded as a must-have item for the season, a Converse bag is sure to delight any receiver for its superb reliability, trendy design and recognizable street cred. From barrel bags to messenger bags to backpacks to rucksacks, Converse has a bag for each type of personality. Students may be drawn to Converse Classic Backpack Book Bag for its eye-popping color; office workers may find an ally in the Flap Reporter Heritage Messenger Bag as the perfect container for the ever-thinning laptops and tablets; artists may fall in love with the Converse Heritage Rucksack Canvas for its streamlined, minimalist look; while gym-goers and athletes may soften at the sight of Graphic Barrel Bag for its roomy interior. Each style also comes in a variety of sizes, prints, colors and fabrics, which is a plus for those who are in the look-out for a more personalized feel. 
Converse sneakers and accessories are available in leading department stores and Converse shop. You also should drop by their flagship store in Glorietta 2. It's where we did our shoot. ;)


  1. I love the violet with studs. :) Your chucks looks great. :)

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