Be calm.

08 November 2013

A huge typhoon is currently wreaking havoc in the Philippines right now, and although I can say that most of us here in Manila are relatively safe, sadly I can't say the same for my countrymen based in the storm's path of destruction. I particularly feel for those who live in Bohol and Cebu as they have already gone through so much in the past month and the last thing they need is for this natural disaster to *knocks on wood* claim more lives and destroy more property.

At a time like this, there is nothing much to do except keep a level mind and

The words are from the song Be Calm, one of my favorites from one of the best bands I have ever listened to - Fun. There's just something about Nate Ruess's voice that instantly calms me and reminds me that everything is okay with the world. Other people watch cat videos when they're sad; I watch Fun.'s live performances. Nate is so wildly passionate when he sings, making him so handsome in my eyes that it hurts. It doesn't hurt that his voice has the same excellent quality both live and recorded! I love him so much and it is my fervent wish to watch him live in concert.

I hope hearing his voice has the same effect on you.

Be safe, be calm. ♥

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