Who wears Converse?

29 November 2013

Someone who takes risks

pushes boundaries

defies conventions and breaks stereotypes

who's not afraid to BE.

The Converse Weatherized Collection is perfect for individuals who are not afraid to make the most out of life. Where water stains are haute couture and splashes of mud are a badge of honor, that's exactly where they'll be. The only existence is one on the edge.

Visit Converse's official website and Facebook Page and check out the new Weatherized Collection at Converse branches nationwide.

This is my official entry to the Converse Weatherized Collection Look Challenge. 
Model: Farhannah Burgos | Assistant stylist: Erica Sanidad

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  1. I love it, Krissy! :D I think you're one of the people who will win! Ganda!


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