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25 November 2013

With just exactly a [gasp!] month left before Christmas, I'm sure you've already started writing down both your wish list and your Christmas gift shopping list. I know I have. (^_−) Now if you're either a free-spirited, gypsy-type kind of girl or you have a sister or friend who fits the bill, you can cross this gift off your list because I am introducing you to Stockton Row.

From Stockton Row's Facebook Page
Tough but delicate, subtle but bold ─ she is a beguiling creature, most alluring when she tries not at all. She will win you over in a whim with her charisma and her unawareness of the lasting effect she leaves on you. With a strong sense of adventure, she is always jetting off to a destination, fearless and without a care in the world.
She is an otherworldly beauty, a presence to behold. 
A Stockton Row girl.
Founded just this year, Stockton Row is an accessories brand that offers well-designed and handcrafted pieces that are largely influenced by travel and distinct cultures around the world. You know that my personal style is very girly girl, but I really liked Stockton Row because the accessories are very sophisticated. I also like the way classic and modern elements are successfully fused together to.

My boss Jenny co-owns the brand and she let me choose one as an advanced Christmas gift. I pored over the lookbook several times but I kept on coming back to this:

from the Weaves of Cairo collection
It's a hand and middle finger hand accessory made with chain and suede. I don't know about you but it reminded me of that scene in Aladdin where Jasmine was imprisoned by Jafar in an hourglass ha ha. I've always wanted a bracelet that looks like this so this is really special.

from the Iron of Guinyin collection
Surprise, surprise! Jenny gave me another piece and I love it just as much as my Dahab. It's a key pendant on a thin chain with a coin pendant at the end of the lock. It's understated yet very classy.

Stockton Row's website is not completely operational yet but you may visit their Facebook Page and follow them on Instagram to see the rest of their many pretty pieces. If you want me to share the lookbook with you, just leave a comment with your email address and I can email it to you. They will also have their first selling event in Fort this weekend wherein benefits from the sale will go to the Philippine Red Cross! Please see the photo below for more details.

Meanwhile, you may get your Stockton Row fix by visiting Cura V in Powerplant Mall, Rockwell or by shopping online via Seek the Uniq, Vito Studio, and AVA. For inquiries, you may also send an email to stocktonrow[at]gmail[dot]com.

Did you like my Stockton Row pieces? Which one do you prefer?

Disclosure: My Stockton Row accessories were given to me by my boss Jenny as a gift but all opinions are my own.

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