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Thoughtful Thoughts Sunday: Home

Today my parents and I chug-chug-chugged in a Fiera along Commonwealth Avenue, squeezed in with four years of my independence's worth of 'souvenirs'. Yes, I left my apartment to go back to my parents' house.  It just isn't practical to keep it now that I am working in Makati, so I really have to get used to my new travel arrangements to and from work.

Oh hai, old office.
I found packing difficult not only because of the humongous pile of stuff I have accumulated through the years, but also because [if I am being completely honest] I would prefer renting another apartment near my new office if only I am financially capable to do so.

Don't get me wrong, I love my family. It's just that, as a 26 year old woman who has been living independently since 2008, I couldn't help but feel I might need some time to adjust to this set-up again even though I used to still come home every weekend before. Goodbye to going home anytime I wanted, goodbye to sneaking in impulse purchases without worrying about someone telling me off, goodbye to not needing to ask permission whenever I need/ want to go somewhere.

On second thought... Hello to my mother's back rubs when I go home exhausted. Hello to warm glasses of milk before bedtime. Hello to my parents being readily available when I get sick. Hello to sleeping with all my stuffed plushies in my bed, in my pink-and-cream room. Hello to warm home-cooked food. Hello to finally being able to organize my mini library.

Maybe it won't be so bad after all.

I think I want a pet.


jcgalido said…
Keep on looking at the bright side, Krissy! :)
i also want to live independently but unlike you mas lolas girl ata ako haha. can't live alone. :p see you soon :)

Meream said…
Yes, a pet! Get one! :)
Roma is Love said…
Yey to positive thinking! :) Nothing beats a home cooked meal talaga! :) At alam ng parents mo fave food mo! :)
Rick said…
It will be good--I'm sure your parents will not be as "parenty" about where you go and when.  They know you're an adult now.  that sounds strange, doesn't it???  :)

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