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10 September 2012

It's the second week of - as my boss calls it - SeptemBLUR and I can definitely feel a little more magic in the air. The days are shorter, the nights are a little bit colder --- I guess it's true then: Christmas is almost here!

This week will also mark my first month on my new job. Every day brings something new and I love it, although I'm still getting the hang of it so I hope my officemates can be a little more patient with me (--;). I think I got too spoiled by my previous workplace's "good job" culture (I coined the term. I'm not really sure, but contact center employees will probably recognize this, this culture of applauding every little achievement) that I have to remind myself every once in a while that I have to be more serious now. I'm trying my best though and I love that I am learning a lot about general trivia and social media. For example, did you know that tiramisu literally means "pick me up" or metaphorically speaking, "make me happy"? Cool, huh? I just finished researching about Italian desserts and will continue reading about Italian cuisine on the next couple of weeks, and you know how I feel about Italian food (read: enthusiastically in love with it).

I've also accepted the most difficult part of my Makati yuppie life which is commuting to and from work every day. I live in far, far away Navotas, and my greatest hurdles have always been horrendous traffic and hordes of commuters like me. I'm kinda used to the scenario already though, so I guess it's okay now, especially as I have tried at least four different routes already to see what works best for me.

Going to work takes me roughly two to two and a half hours. First I take a tricycle to the bus terminal (P30), then ride a bus to Quezon Avenue MRT station (P19), and ride the train from there to Ayala (P14, but I always make sure I have a stored value card with me). A little sidenote: by principle, I never jump lines. I believe in discipline, in fairness, and in waiting for my turn. So can I just say how I'd LOVE to give people who jump lines on the MRT a solid uppercut? Gahhh. Anyway. From Ayala, I walk for about 15 to 20 minutes to the office. (It used to be 20 to 30 minutes, but Kira taught me a faster way.) I cherish these walks the most because at 7:30AM the heat is not that unbearable yet. I find that walks like this give me time to clear my head and invite only positive thoughts. Besides, every day feels like a great day to have a great day when you walk to sights like these:

Earlier today, along Makati Avenue
Beautiful fountains of Manila Peninsula Hotel
Ayala Triangle Gardens
Wouldn't it be nice to walk here a la Jesse and Celine?
And that's me (^_^)
Going home is a different story. It takes me a little more than three hours to go home because instead of taking the train, I ride a bus (P50) and a jeepney (P8). It's always a looong bus ride home but I much prefer that than the train route because the latter involves walking to the MRT station, riding the train, taking a bus to the terminal, then taking a jeep home. It's so tiring. Good thing a warm homecooked dinner is always waiting for me! Anyway, I am actually liking my travel time now because I get to catch up on my reading. I was told there's a van that shuttles to and from Makati with Malabon and the Ayala Triangle Gardens as the drop-off points but I haven't had the chance to look for it yet.

So there. If I haven't been able to blog that much that is because I am already exhausted when I reach home that I'd just rather eat and sleep. But as they say, if you really love it then you'll make time for it. This is me making time for it.

Sooo how are YOU? Doing fabulously, I hope? ♥

PS: It's my friend Davie Denz's birthday today. I know she reads my blog so I just want to greet her here, too. Happy birthday, Bangs! I miss you and I can't wait to see you again! 。◕‿◕。


  1. happy one month at your new job! ang saya naman... researching italian desserts at work! and yes, i do remember your love for italian food! :P i just realized... did you move back home? i miss coming home to home cooked meals and packed lunches for the next day. :P

  2. Wow! Extra effort sis for the walks! But I miss the Ayala walks, naalala ko tuloy racket ko noon, malapit sa paseo center, one week na may day job ako--i got sick kaagad haha. ;p But wow wow nice to hear from you uli! :) 

  3. Man, I hate it when people cut lines too! I mean, everyone wants to go to work on time but that doesn't everyone? (Well, I've got a lot of commuting pet peeves hahaha, maybe you do too?)

    And really, I must salute you for bearing such looooong commuting time. 2 hours is a lot for me, what more 3! Walking in Makati CBD sure is nice. Everyone's polished and there are no open manholes or gravely un-level ground! :))

  4. Awww, I suddenly miss the Triangle Gardens. I was there only once but I was fascinated by the thought of just hanging out there one afternoon talking with someone and enjoying the sights.

    Pero nakakapagod nga ang routine mo. I only live 15 minutes away from the office kasi so put me right smack in traffic and I'd definitely throw a bitch fit. Hehe! I salute you for adjusting really well.

  5. Hi Ate Krissy! Congratulations on your first month :) I hope you'll have fun with this new job. God bless.

  6. Thanks Klaire! God bless you, too :)


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