We glammed it up at Glam Camp!

08 August 2011

I wasn't able to attend the first day of Glam Camp last Saturday because of a spontaneous Ace Water Spa treat with my relatives from the paternal side of the family (which I will blog about some other time). I went yesterday though, and I had so much fun manning Ana's and my booth for Fashion Compass and checking out all the other booths, seeing my blog-friends and online friends in person, and meeting new ones!

This e-vite guaranteed me my own Glam bag which was filled with special treats! ♥
You definitely missed out on a lot if you failed to go. But because I love you, I'll share some photos from yesterday!

The stage where the loots and prizes they gave away in the raffles and games throughout the day were just visible.
Awww look at our baby Fashion Compass!
Ana sold accessories from Anagon Collection at a special discounted rate of only P100 each!
Ava and her mom baked cookies, muffins, brownies, and cupcakes.
I love the delectable sweetness of their booth :)
I bought the big cupcake and brownies from Ava's mom, and she gave me the  mini cupcake as a free treat ♥
Figaro served free coffee to the exhibitors :)
So baby pink and so yummy! I am craving for more of the star cookies, Ava! :D
Strip offered free upper lip waxing, and I took advantage of it :D
Yay thanks Strip!
It was my first time to have my upper lip waxed, and I loved how the lady who attended to me was very careful. Everything she used was hygienic, and she wore a mask and gloves the whole time. It took around 5 applications of hot wax (which was chocolate-scented!), but apart from a slight tinge every time she pulled it out, it didn't hurt at all! I wish Strip opens a branch near my area soon!

While manning our booth, a pretty lady approached and bought skulls bracelets from Ana. After buying, she gave us a leaflet of her own store, and I was pleasantly surprised and amazed that the lady in front of us was Ella Lim of Lucky Doll! I've bought lingerie and swimsuits from her online store in the past, and it's great to know that her business is becoming stronger than ever - she has even opened her own physical store already! I was also really pleased that when she asked for my name and I said Kristel, she squealed and recited my full name haha! Talk about valuing your customers ♥

She sold lingerie, costumes, corsets, tights and stockings, and "mature" accessories at her booth.
Meet the owner Ella.  She's so young yet already very successful in her business. So inspirational!
Now some other photos with the people I saw and met yesterday:

Mitch of Mitch Wears Clothes blog and Me Time Manila.
Keigh of Delishoes Servings blog
Tin of Fashion Ate the World blog
Miss Milette of Solar Entertainment.
She invited us to this event :)
Booth-partner Ana and I rocking our shorts :D
I tried my hardest not to buy anything because I need to save up for something which I will blog about this week, but the little girl/ magpie in me couldn't resist this:

Stickers from the Pink Pum Shop
For P250, the packet contains 24 SHEETS of stickers! Lots and lots of stickers!
It has a vintage theme going on which I absolutely love!
And aside from the freebies included in the Glam bag and the free upper lip waxing from Strip, I also got these:

Discount cards from optical shops!
These are perfect as I am thinking of buying new glasses as I've had my current pair for more than a year now.
Bottle opener and keychains featuring pin-up girls from Lucky Doll.
Thanks Ella! :)
Photobooth pic with Ana.
We had this great idea of having solo photos in two of the frames, because we're silly like that :D
Don't you just love the flowers on our heads? Haha!
Thank you so much etc, 2nd Avenue, and DIVA! Aside from bringing our favorite shows to our local shores, thank you for consistently coming up with events like this to celebrate us ladies and womanhood! Thank you also for giving a special focus on us bloggers ♥ It was a pleasure to have attended this year's Glam Camp, and I am looking forward to MORE!

Turquoise and Pink
Accessories - Penshoppe and SM Accessories | Top - Onion Laundry | Shorts - True ♥ Love
Bag - Tomato | Boots - PILL Footwear

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