Happy List!

20 January 2012

I believe in peace, love, and lipgloss pretty little things. Here are some of the random stuff that made my week, in a series of photos :)

Fruit tarts from the dessert buffet prepared by Juan Carlo the Caterer
I attended the presscon for Weddings and Debuts Bridal Fair 2012 held at Plaza Ibarra last week where we were treated to a sumptuous(!!!) buffet. I didn't want to leave the dessert section haha. More about the event on a future post ;)

This is what I like to call my Malibu Barbie-skirt
I haven't worn this skirt in a while so I decided to take it out for a spin last Tuesday. I got it from Brown Belly about three years ago and I just love the bright and colorful stripes. It's actually one of my favorites so I should wear this more often.

I love you, Yakult Jasmine tea
My ultimate favorite drink from Moonleaf Tea Shop. Everrr.

New shimmery nude nail polish and nail polish remover from Etude House
Bought during a visit to Etude House in SM Fairview with my dearest girl friends from the office. I have lots of bright-colored nail polish in my stash but I find myself being drawn to nude shades these days. This shade is a perfect pretty, shimmery peachy color, and I can't wait to use it.

Super pretty red lipstick from Etude House
I was really tempted to get this pretty shade of red lipstick when we were there but I let it go because I need to save money, so I just tried it on to see how it would fare. IT WAS GORGEOUS. After a couple of hours it still looked gorgeous so I'm sold! I swear the photo does not do it justice. I will get it next payday LOL. I just hope it's still there as it's Limited Edition...

Chandelier at the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church
My friends and I heard Mass at the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church and I was a little overwhelmed at how solemn it was. The priest's Homily was about "reaching out, touching lives, and being a blessing to others." He also said, "Nothing is impossible when we love. We can conquer everything with God's love." No truer words have been spoken, Father. Amen.

Shiny, shimmering clutch bag from Accessorize
What a pleasant surprise! Thank you, Accessorize and Bloggers United for this lovely present! I was actually feeling a bit sad when I got this so it brought a big smile to my face when I opened it :)

Surf 'n Turf noodles from Hainanese Delights
It was my first time to eat there last Tuesday and I just loved it! My Surf 'n Turf noodles were topped with shrimp and pork dumplings. Delicious! Looking at this photo made me crave again, drats.

Terra Vega red wine
My friends and I tried to have a "red wine party" yesterday, but I couldn't really bring myself to like it. I guess I'm more of a mojitos-kind of girl ;D

A lovely email from NYC
(As I told her, this will take some getting used to, but I am trying to drop the Miss when I refer to her now haha) Mariel has always been a BIG inspiration for me so receiving an email from her telling me how I've improved really meant a lot! She said, "It's nice to see how your blog has blossomed with good, journalistic writing, galing! :) More proof that we all get better at what we do with practice, perseverance, passion, and consistency." She didn't have to do it, but in her own special way she really gave my self-esteem a big boost :) Thank you, Mariel!

I went to my bestfriend Jerome's house today (I am actually typing this using his laptop) but he's not here so I played with this little furball instead. What a sweetheart :)

Ana and I with our matching Lulu Guinness sunglasses
This photo was actually taken during the Privado sale we went to last year but it's one of my favorite photos of us two :) Do you know it's Ana's birthday today? This "Happy List" is actually inspired by the Happy Lists she regularly makes on her blog. Hop on over there and greet her too, will you? Happy birthday sis! Wishing you peace, love, success to your brand, and more travels this year and the years thereafter! I love you!

The Book Lovers' Appreciation Society by various authors
If you've been reading this blog from way back 2009 you will know I bought it in September that year, but I never got around to reading it or even opening it. Yikes! I will definitely have the chance this weekend though, as my family and I will go to Baguio and I need a book (and some music) to keep me company during the loooong journey.  This is my first out-of-town trip this year and I am so excited! We will leave tomorrow night and I haven't packed yet, so I guess I have to wrap this up now so I can go home and do that.

So, I'll see you guys next week? I hope you all enjoy this weekend, too!


  1. I love Yakult Jasmine Milk Tea too :-)

  2. Wow Baguio! I miss that place! Check out Mt Cloud Bookshop in the old Vallejo Hotel near SM. it's an awesome little shop And the hotel also has a nice restaurant. :)



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