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10 January 2009

I was tagged by Iris, one of my newest blog buddies Ü

4 favorite things to munch on

Skittles. This has got to be the BEST candy ever. I've loved this since I was a kid. I am not that big on chocolates, I prefer the sweet-sour candies, and this is my ultimate fave. This is all I ask for from my Tita Jean whenever she sends us stuff and she obliges by sending me boxes of Skittles. I love her so.

Sour gummi bears. I prefer these over the smaller jelly plain ones. Told ya I'm a sucker for sweet-sour candies.

Nerds. I just love these babies Ö

Poifull. I remember these jellybeans from my childhood. Are they still available now? If they are I need to and hunt them. I miss eating these Ö
4 places I like to visit and why

Taj Mahal. The story behind this man-made wonder of the world is so romantic that I cannot help but be amazed. I would want to visit this great symbol of love and devotion before I die.

Vatican City. Definitely one of my must-visits. Just because.

Paris, France. I would want to visit this city not only for its rich culture but also for the amazing tourist spots it offers. A visit to the Louvre Museum would absolutely sate the inner wander-girl in me. And of course, who could forget the fashion houses. Drool.

Milky way Galaxy. Okaaaay. This is so far-fetched I know but pardon my over wishful thinking. I just love gazing at the stars and I know it would be more than ten-thousand folds amazing to see them closer.

4 favorite sites for online shopping

Anagon Collection. Aside from Ana being a very good friend (we met online two years ago!), several instances have led us to believe we are soul sisters. And of course, I am amazed by her talent and creativity at making pretty accessories that are oh-so-easy on the budget! A very talented lady, I am sure she will go a long way!

The Closet Queen. Sis Malou certainly earned her title. I never fail to go on a shopping spree from her site whenever she has new uploads. She sells the cutest tees, dresses, hoodies and bags!

Pinky Blings. Sis Tine also became a really good friend. She offers kitschy and cool accessories! She never fails to amaze me whenever she posts her newest collections.

Fashion Pill. Sis Roselene certainly got an eye for fashion. I love her fashion sense! She sells the best dresses in Multiply. Because of her clothing business' success she was already able to put up Pill Footwear (which sells shoes that are oh-so-fierce!) as well as a stall in Robinsons.

4 things that pop up when you google my name

I am sorry I don't have any answer for this. I tried to Google search images of Krissy and Kristel but the results only showed half-naked photos of peeps I don't know. Eep!

All pictures from Google Image Search. No copyright infringement intended.

And now I am tagging Joan, Ana, Ed, Joner, Belay, Izhia, and Rej! Heck I am tagging everyone who wants to answer this! Ü


  1. Uh oh, your name is sooo Hollywood, yet no image worth posting. Whatever happened to this world

  2. hoo! :D thank you sis! :D for the tag AND for citing my site! :) naku gusto ko din pumunta vatican hahaha...and i love sour candiesss! :)

  3. oops im tagged. haha :) will do it soon! :)

  4. @ iris: yeah, it's really weird :D

  5. @ anagon: i also have a badge of your site at my right-hand banner sis! Ü

  6. @ izhia: thanks for answering my tag! Ü

  7. oh my thank you a!!! :D
    cool naman!!! mahelera a mga brand na yun! :) :) thankyou!!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing your favorites. Well, those websites are my favorite too for online shopping.

  9. Hey Krissy.Paris is definitely in my top 3 places I'd love to visit. As for the Four things to munch on... Chocolates would have to be on the top of my list. I noticed you didn't have any chocolates on your list. I take it your not much of a chocoholic? I like skittles too. =)

  10. @ Susana: you're welcome and thanks! Ü

  11. @ ChinkyGirLMeL: yep, i am not big on chocolates. i prefer sweet-sour candies Ü

  12. hey this is super cool..:) i like skittles too :P and gummy bears.

  13. thanks insomniaclolita! i ♥ them sweet-sour candies :D you might want to answer the tag ;)

  14. was googling my site out of boredom tonight and voila! your site came up! thanks for mentioning pinkyblings as one of your fave online shops. =) thanks also for being my very first multiply customer. :) i guess that first buy gave me a lucky streak. ;) wishing you all the best on your online mag!

  15. I played this tag a while back to. Skittles are a must ahve when at the movies!

    Thanks for the tips on new online shopping sites! I've been looking! Even asked all my asian readers if they would share some great asian shops who has online sites, so this is awesome!!

  16. @ Tine: Oh wow I am so honored to be your first Multiply customer Ü you are so talented and creative and you deserve everything you have, and so much more ;)

    @ Carina: You're welcome! Let's all spend good vibes through shopping :D


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