We'll always find a way to go back

12 January 2009

My classmate-since-Kindergarten AV who is now based in the US went to the Philippines for a short visit. Add to that the fact that it has been almost 5 years since our high school graduation and you've got the prerequisites for a reunion!

Joana and AV organized everything, and even though I was there for just about two hours, I had lots of fun! It was great seeing all those familiar faces again and swap stories and laugh with them. Such a shame that Third, Prex, Chester, Glen and I had to leave because we still needed to go to Dianne's house for a Barkada ni Ric powwow. For some reason they were not able to go to the HS reunion.

The party was held at Joana's house last Saturday night. There were games, raffle draws, prizes, music, booze, and FOOD!

batch picture
Josenians (some of them, that is) batch 2003

wacky shot!

Not everyone was able to come, but it's okay since I know it is indeed impossible to have 100% attendance for this. It was enough that there were representatives from the three sections of our batch: St. Augustine, St. Bernard and St. Benedict. I am from St. Augustine! Ü

here is a picture of me and my bestfriend-since-Grade 6 Jerome

And lastly...

my outfit for the night
I ♥ this red/white/blue striped mini dress Ü

Don't you just love high school memories? I do! I love these people! I went through pre-puberty and adolescent stages, my Britney Spears obsession, my being all nerdy in quiz bees and all phase, and teenage angst-y phase with them. It's nice that this was organized. I'm really thankful to Joana and AV for the invite. Here's hoping we'll do this again SOON.


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